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 When Life Hands You Lemons, Tag: Bo Fierro
Sidney Moon
 Posted: Mar 11 2018, 08:26 PM
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They tell us from the time we're young / To hide the things that we don't like about ourselves / Inside ourselves / I know I'm not the only one who spent so long attempting to be someone else / Well I'm over it
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March 13, 2167
@Bo Fierro

There was a certain etiquette when it came to being late for a first date. By Sid’s book, ten minutes was forgivable, easily blamed on traffic or a bad sense of direction. Twenty was pushing it, and thirty was bordering on just plain rude. By the time the forty-five mark hit, and she’d started to get the feeling that the wait staff was placing bets, Sid had pretty much given up on the guy. Still, she gave her watch one last glance, letting out an annoyed huff.

Well didn’t this just take the cake? First time she’d been asked out in months and the guy was a no-show. Well, technically speaking she hadn’t really been asked out--this was more of a friend-of-a-friend, blind date type situation. She didn’t even know what he looked like. For all she knew, he coulda wandered in, taken one look at the girl with the wild hair (it was a bright blue today) and walked right back out. Well, good riddance. Far as she was concerned, she didn’t wanna get mixed up with a guy like that anyway. Way to save me the trouble, dude.

All the same, she been starving when she arrived, and her forty-five minute wait had done little to improve the situation. She wasn’t about to let a nice dinner go to waste--especially not when she’d put this much effort into looking damn good.

There was one more unfortunate soul waiting in the wings of the restaurant alongside her. She’d long since decided that he was not her date--at least not judging from the way he looked every bit as hopeful as she did every time a new guy walked through the door. But he’d been waiting about as long as she had. Unfortunately she didn’t think things were likely to go any better for him than they had for her.

As she started to head back towards the nearest free table, an odd thought struck her. She spun back around, shooting the lonesome man an appraising glance as the gears went a-whirling. Well...why the hell not? Worst he could do was say no, right? “Hey buddy.” She reached out, tapped him lightly on the shoulder and offered up a sympathetic smile. "Just a hunch, but I'm starting to think our dates aren't coming. Wanna call it and eat our feelings together?"

Bo Fierro
 Posted: Apr 14 2018, 09:55 AM
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Sid and Bo lived in different worlds. He was not a stupid man by any means, but he was forgiving indefinitely. He had faith in people that they had neither in themselves or in him; and whether it was the first date or the twenty first, he would sit from the moment they were supposed to meet until he helped carry out and mop with the final shift.

So he had been here nearly two and a half hours. Like Sid, his date had been blind their first date; Bo had felt as if everything seemed to be going well so far. He had taken the woman to two dinners, dessert pastries and a show. He had nearly no money to his name, but he was traditional in that sense. He had asked her to go with him, and so he paid; if she had asked him, he might have expected her to do so. (Perhaps, he was not so traditional as he thought.)

Regardless, from his experience people did not usually stand people up for third dates. Cold feet was greeted with a text; and second thoughts were offered an excuse and rain check. So he'd been waiting for the entire evening for one of those two to appear.

Perhaps it was fate that his phone chimed as Sidney got onto her feet and he read the words that always started a message he didn't want to read.

You're a nice guy, but...

He wondered now and again if being a worse person would have helped him find love; weighed the probability and decided that should it have been the solution, he would much prefer the single life to that disturbed the Harmony of others.

He raised his cocktail to his lips just as a girl tapped him on the shoulder. An invitation? Malachi did work in mysterious ways. He nodded to her. "That sounds wonderful." he smiled, "There's a table just over there." He offered with a motion.

"My name is Bo, by the way. Bo Fierro."

@Sidney Moon|I somehow totally lost track of this thread. ._.; My B, Mosey.
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