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 How's my son?, Leo | June 14
Leo Dobrowolski
 Posted: Yesterday at 01:39 am
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If Leo touches a person's bare skin (alive or dead), he can tell you everything about their physical history. Medical conditions, healed breaks, pregnancies, surgeries, anything that has affected their body in any way. He can also feel anything they are currently feeling - pain, nausea, breathlessness etc, as if it’s his own body.
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@Murad Hassan

“Thanks.” Leo gave Murad a shy, pleased smile. A promise to try was the best he could hope for. That the other man was willing to even try was remarkable in itself. Leo had never inspired that kind of motivation in people - they usually expected him to change. Then again, he had little experience of hanging out with people who would even be interested in expanding their horizons.

With the panic attacks, it certainly made sense that Murad wouldn’t find it enjoyable to be restrained. “I’d be kinda worried if you got too much enjoyment out of cuffing people,” he replied with a mischievous grin. “Wouldn’t do much to reaffirm my faith in the cops.” Leo nodded as the other man spoke - and then his eyes widened a little when he realised that he’d managed to make Murad blush. It probably wouldn’t do to ask which bit of what he’d said had elicited that particular reaction - but the smirk on his face was probably enough to say that he’d noticed it.

‘Be careful,’ Murad said - as if Leo hadn’t spent his whole life being careful, as if he could ever forget that he socialised with dangerous people on a daily basis. But Leo was all too aware of the persona he presented to the world - hardly that of a typical Cartel member. “I’m always careful,” he replied, and reached out a hand to touch Murad’s. There was a small smile on his face. “Always. You don’t need to worry about me.” But I kind of like that you do, he didn’t add. “I need to work out what to tell them.”

This was it, then. They were going to try. Leo felt...strange. How was he supposed to be somebody’s boyfriend? How did it even work? But a small part of him felt that if anyone was worth trying for, it was Murad.

But the smile disappeared when Murad’s next statement pulled him up short. “You’re gonna tell your mom I’m in the Cartel?” he asked, frowning a little. “Dude - she’ll kill me. She’ll never speak to me again. She’d never be OK with us - being together.” Imagining Minu’s expression when she found out was enough to scare him, let alone imagining the lecture he was sure to get when she (inevitably, he felt) stormed over to his clinic to tell him what a bad person he was. How could Murad be smiling about this? They would find him the next day, run over by her car.

Murad Hassan
 Posted: 33 minutes ago
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Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
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Oddly enough, Murad liked that smile on Leo. The man was normally smirking or grinning. The shy smile felt a bit more…human. And he enjoyed seeing it on the man’s face. It meant that, for him, he was getting it right for once. It was an encouraging thought. So he offered a warm smile back. “You’re welcome. See? We can figure this out.”

He laughed at Leo’s statement, feeling himself relax just a little bit. It was nice to have things be almost normal with them, where they could joke and flirt and not have to apologize for anything. Frankly, it was a relief. Although it came with some negatives, like that smirk on Leo’s face. He’d forgotten that the man could get him feeling flustered. He wasn’t used to that. He had a reputation for being in control and managing things. Except when it came to Leo.

There had to be more to Leo than just the wise-cracking, smartass but surprisingly gentle doctor. Murad knew that. You didn’t survive as long as Leo had in the Cartel unless you were tough as nails—especially when you weren’t a usual member. But that didn’t mean Murad was just going to forget worrying about the man. So he just nodded at his statement, but the smile vanished at his statement. “Uh. You’re gonna—what?” He shook his head. “Leo, that seems like a bad idea. Remember what I was just talking about? Remember, death and blackmail and possible dismemberment?”

And then it was Leo’s turn. And he had a fair point. Murad’s mother was…overprotective. But at the same time, Murad couldn’t bear for her to be uninformed—even if it would probably mean another yelling session at him. He’d rather have that than her getting hurt or into trouble. “Leo, I’m not gonna tell her you’re in the cartel. She’d kill us both. I’m gonna tell her you have some friends in a rough crowd and to take it easy—she won’t be surprised, considering where you live and grew up. You’ll keep her good will and she might even still talk to you.” He sighed. “God help us both.”

@Leo Dobrowolski
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