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 City Locations
 Posted: Aug 27 2017, 09:29 AM
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Around the City


The Warren: With the arrival of the SkyRail rapid-transit system, the subway systems of old fell into disuse, resulting in a large network of empty tunnels and tracks. While most of these remain abandoned and forgotten, some have become occupied by any number of undesirables, from a thriving black market, to Cartel “trade routes,” to fugitives from the law. Although unconfirmed by authorities, the Warren is rumored to serve as ELL's base of operations.

Hell's Dance - This pit- and cage-fighting ring is one of the Cartel's most lucrative businesses. Here, Typic-patrons may pay to fight an Evolute on Suppressants. There is no guarantee of victory and matches are fought to KO, not to death. The Evolutes used in Hell's Dance are there "by choice," as they are merely paying off a debt to the Cartel. This location moves around the city continuously and is only able to be located by those who know somebody. An ever-changing password is required for entrance, but crowds, fans, and fighting enthusiasts are more than welcome.

The Entente - Due to its structure, the Entente does not have a base of operations. Unlike most factions, the Entente does not have formal meetings, but instead functions on a need-to-know, mission-based system. Generally, a patron wishing to set up business will meet with a single or small group of Entente members in a public location. This forum can be used for any Entente related threads in any location.

Farms and Fields: The outskirts of the city are home to the farms, fields, and orchards that provide the bulk of the Ark’s food supply. While some of these have been farmland since long before the rise of the Dome, others are older areas of the city that have been surrendered back to nature. It’s not unusual to pass through the ruins of old buildings in the middle of a cornfield.

Riverwalk and Canals - The Glass River winds its way through the entire city, and a web of canals stretches out alongside it. Some areas are better kept than others, some being


Marshall Construction: Although the headquarters is located on the border of Evendale and Haven, this large-scale construction company works dozens of jobs all over the city on a consistent, year-round basis. They do repair and new construction alike and are known to give a good job at the right price. (Submitted by Thyme)

SkyRail - Welcome to SkyRail. Since its inception in 2098, the SkyRail Rapid-Transit System has revolutionized public transportation in Ark. Our maglev trains allow passengers to reach their destination in the quickest--and most comfortable--way possible. SkyRail is pleased to announce new, state-of-the-art cars designed especially for our Evolute passengers. Your safety is our number one priority!

Watership Market - Located deep in the winding tunnels of the Warren, Watership is a place where one can buy anything and everything, from special "herbs" to unique weaponry. Many of the items found here are considered too hot to sell on the surface, and as a result the Market itself is rarely found in the same place twice.
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