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 Elder, Orishas "Ori", 20 | Evolute | Enforcer
Orishas Elder
 Posted: Apr 13 2018, 11:06 PM
Tier 3
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The ability to amplify the abilities of other Evolutes that are exposed to his kiss.
rise is Online

Orishas "Ori" Immanuel R. Elder
played by rise


Age & DOB

January 31, 2147 (20)

Pref. Pronoun


Member Group


Tier Classification

Tier 3




Evolute Specialist (Carrie Institute)

Face Claim

Jack Falahee

Overarching Power

Power Amplification

Abilities & Limitations

Ori has the ability to amplify the abilities of other Evolutes that are exposed to his kiss. It’s a passive ability that’s annoying and he has no control of it whatsoever. Kissing begins the transfer of energy from Ori to the recipient, where a charge of energy surges through their entire body that can improve and heighten pre-existing abilities of their Evolute nature. It seems that the time spent making out determines how long the effects last. Testing has shown that the effects twice as long as the time spent kissing. Ergo, 2 minutes of tongue action equates to 4 minutes of overpowered rampage.


When an ability is augmented, all control functions are drastically improved. The flexibility and finesse achieved can be compared to the end result of years worth of training and testing.

Some Evolutes, like Ori himself, find that their abilities are constantly on the go and can't be turned off. His augmentation adds this factor to their abilities, a subset of being able to fully control what they can do with their Evolute nature. The passive ability becomes active, with a switch until the effects run out.

The transfer of energy stockpiles on the present energy reserves of the recipient, enabling them to use their Evolute abilities without becoming exhausted or facing the consequences of abusing their bodies.

Evolutes often come with restrictions in their abilities, but under the effects of Ori's ability, they don't have to worry about those for a while. This only applies while said Evolute is still under the state of augmentation.

Ori's abilities, like any other Evolute, are susceptible to the effects of the suppressant drug. However, upon analysis of his abilities, it can be said that his own power is the anti-thesis to the suppressant. If he forgets or simply doesn't take his usual dosage of suppressant, his ability to amplify may also remove the effects of the suppressant on other Evolute.


Ori's kisses have effects added to them that are comparable to the symptoms that surface when a recreational drug is abused beyond it's medical needs. From addiction to over-dosage, his ability comes with a heavy price if not properly controlled.

With power comes confidence, but the rush of pleasure and excitement that his power brings to people can be considered on a whole new level. It seems that some people, more than others, become extremely confident and lose most of their inhibitions. It tweaks their pscyhe a little, becoming more reckless and a little braver than usual. Sexual pleasure has also been known to appear on some cases.

The amount of heightened pleasure his augmentation provides, it is no question that some Evos would become addicted, if not dependent, on his power. Symptoms may vary from evo to evo, but they all show signs in different statges.

After the first try, the evo may show interest or curiosity towards Ori; more than usual. Three kisses after and the addiction grows into unrequited affection, not to Ori, but towards his abilities. May show signs of dependancy at this point. Five tries and onwards, the addiction may fall into a violent obsession. These symptoms can be suppressed through the usual drugs, willpower alone, or seek medical assistance.

The only lethal application of his ability is a deadly side effect of a second kiss while the effects of the first kiss are still in effect. This causes the Evo to lose control of their abilities, cause great harm to themselves and those near them, leading to severe injuries, and possibly, death.


Years of probing into the mystery of Evolutes has granted him a very analytical mind, one that is capable of breaking down and processing lots of information in a short period of time. He’s no genius, but it’s a simple matter of having your brain organized in a systematic order.

If you see him stare into a direction randomly, he’s not daydreaming. He likes to watch people, that is all. It’s easy to pick up hints about others that would be easily dismissable if you look too close. The trick is to take a step back and look at the entire painting as a whole. Ori can pick up tidbits of information regarding someone simply by observing them.

For the purposes of debunking the greatest secret of the current world, Ori has dedicated most of his life towards studying living organisms in hopes to understand himself better, and by process, other Evolutes as well. There is no grand dream behind this goal, but a simple pursuit of satisfactions, and along the way, answers to his questions. His degree in Biology has been completed, but is pursuing a MS in the same field.

Ori loves to eat food, and over the past years he’s developed a certain palate towards what kind of meals he likes to have. He is by no means a chef, but he’s mastered all sorts of ingredients that comes with a passion hotter than the stove. Whether it’s a simple egg or a tres leches cake, Ori enjoys making all kinds of food. He has reached a point in his hobby where he likes to experiment and combine different dishes. When people ask him why he won’t take a culinary course, Orishas often tells them that it just ruins the passion he has for it.

Like most teenagers, Ori got his licence as soon as he was capable of doing so. However, unlike most learned drivers, Ori's driving skills are crazy! Literally. The amount of speeding tickets he has gotten are all piled up neatly in his office.

Alphabetical, color coded, by date, height, size, you name it, and he will most definitely categorize it. It's not OCD per se, but like his mind, he likes his surroundings neat and organized. He's like a machine on auto-mode when he starts rearranging things to his taste. It's fine if you mess it all up. He'll just start over again.


There's a place for everything, and everything in it's place. Ori has a system for everything, a certain order of things that he automatically follows to the letter. A methodology to avoid delays and problems. It's irritating for him to see a well-balanced fall apart due to unknown elements. But it only takes one small mishap for him to fall apart.

Thanks to his abilities, Ori has had little to no romance in his life. The first and last time he kissed someone ended up in disaster, and he's spent his entire life trying to avoid the same mistake. This means doing everything that entails a relationship except for kissing. But it's hard to control yourself when you have feelings for someone. His weakness are the brooding, mysterious type of guys with a rebel streak, and a dash of danger.

Despite what everyone says about evos being different, they all bleed red. He bleeds more than usual, and bruises quite easily. Ori gets hurt and sick, so no, he's not some superhuman punching bag. What's more his abilities only work on Evolutes, giving nothing to Typics outside some intense making out sessions, and hope for the best.

In order to protect his fragile soul, over the years, Ori has developed a fail-safe system to ensure that his emotions don't get in the way of things. The secret is to not care anymore, is what he says. But all it is is subconsciously suppressing negative emotions and simply carry on. When it gets past a certain threshold, it bursts forth in the form of a nervous breakdown or a huge fit of anger.

He's got no eye-to-hand coordination to play any kind of sport; not even just passing the ball around. Strength-wise, he's as strong as a woman. Ori's intelligence does make up for it, but don't expect him to fight your fights for you. Fighting is such a boorish behavior, says him.


Orishas Immanuel R. Elder is a one of a kind individual. He doesn’t think like others, and certainly his speech patterns are as strange and fascinating. No, he’s not mentally challenged nor a gifted child, but simply an Evo who seeks to understand how the world works.

Curiosity is one of Ori’s defining quirks. His parents found it worrisome that a child as young as him asked so many questions, that even they couldn’t answer. Why am I different? A Devo… what is that? Mama, can I come to my friend’s homecoming? Why do we have to move, did we do something bad?

Some of these questions were answered, but as Ori grew up, he ended asking more and more questions. While his curiosity has definitely led to his success in his chosen career, it’s also one of the driving factors of his isolation. His keen mind and observation skills make it somewhat hard to hide things from him, and this is without telepathy. Hand in hand with his thirst for knowledge comes with an honest tongue.

He is quick to point out faults based on what he sees and analysis of the situation. This honesty of his has gotten him in trouble more than he would like, because telling someone they should stop eating all that junk food after a recent break up won’t bring him back isn’t really doing them a favor. Orishas never means anything bad by it, and him telling you things that he notices about you is a sign that he likes you. Either that, or you’re just annoying.

There is something about losing one’s self in a perfect pattern that relaxes him. He enjoys cooking as much as loves delving into his experiments, especially when it comes dealing with other Evolutes, and their powers. You can say that he’s strictly married to his work, and considers himself a workaholic.

He views the world with a lot of skepticism. It’s in his nature to question things regardless of how real they see, or how true they appear. There is some level of trust issues that Ori has developed over the years, which has contributed to his ability to distance himself emotionally from certain events in his life. Ori doesn’t trust anyone but himself. It’s a subtle nuance about him that most people never really notice. There are a lot of layers; thick metallic walls before you can get to what Ori can be like as a person.

Orishas is a sensitive soul deep down, one that cares for those that manage to get through his weird quirks and distant personalities. Betrayal is one of the reasons he closed his heart, and the only thing anchoring him away from death’s door is his reliance on his own logic. That, and because dying would mean defeat. He’s got a stubborn head on his shoulders, and it gets even harder when there’s no logical explanation behind such an appalling contradiction.

There are hidden desires within this stubbornness. While he keeps people away, he has urges to fulfill, and needs to satisfy. Ori isn’t the type of person who breaks rules, he’s way too honest for that. But he’s not swayed by money, or expensive gifts. He often falls prey to his own lusts, and thirst for knowledge. For the sake of science, he’s willing to break everything apart.


Father: Elias Elder | 26 | Typic | Deceased
Mother: Inez Camilla Benita R. Elder (née Rodriguez) | 50 | Typic | Alive

December, 06 2133
Elias Elder, a freelance scientist, meets Inez Rodriguez at a library in the Evendale district. At first they argue about the ethical treatment of Evolutes in Ark City leading into a debate about the barrier itself. The end result is a steady relationship.

March, 16 2135
Elias and Inez get married. They move in together in a house just on the outskirts of Ark City where they plan to raise a family of their own. A few months after settling in Elias is diagnosed with a terminally ill disease.

September 20, 2141
Inez is found to be infertile, and Elias is not getting any better. He only has a few months to live. They are desperate to have a baby of their own blood. Even if it's just one of them.

February 28, 2145
They have exhausted their money and options for a child with both of their bloods. Elias suggest they get an egg donor, and use his sperm to fertilize the egg, placing them inside Inez to give birth. It’s a hard choice for her, but she accepts.

January 31, 2147
Inez gives birth to a healthy young boy. At the same time, Elias finally perishes after seeing his own son for the first, and last time. The baby is named Orishas, an unusual name, but a name that Inez holds dear in her heart. She moves out of the house and back into Spire.

April 4, 2159
Orishas turns twelve this year, and Inez fears for her only child’s safety. He is frightfully smart and has inherited his father’s method of thinking. However, she is afraid of the unknown factor that Ori carries within him. Unfortunately, his test results come out positive, but Inez is simply happy that her son’s homecoming is an event he can enjoy. Alive.

October 3, 2162
He becomes a teenager at the age of fourteen. The young evolute does well in school. In fact, his grades are stellar. But he keeps away from others. Typics, because he fears them and they bully him to no end. Evolutes, because of what his powers can do. His mother is too busy at her job to notice the changes that occur in the boy.

December 1, 2162
Ori is almost raped by a fellow student due to the side effects of his ability. When asked why he would do it knowing full well how strongly his powers affect others, Orishas explains that he loved him, and he had never faltered through his dosage of suppressants. He and his mother argue for the first time. Ori expresses his desire to know what loving is, specially from the male side, and the argument ends with his mother calling him a monster.

January, 30 2163
He runs away from home before turning fifteen. It takes a few days before his mother finally reports him missing. She doesn’t know he’s with another Evolute. It takes three months before Orishas is found. An explosion occurs in the Jacks. Orishas is alive but his boyfriend is not. Cause of death: Burnt down by his own power to control flames.

June 12, 2163
Orishas is discharged from the hospital. There is no permanent damage anywhere, except a few burn marks across his hands and on his back. Inez and her son reconcile their differences, and Orishas goes back to school. His reputation precedes him, and most his students consider him a criminal now.

September 1, 2163
He goes back to school after receiving pardon from the court. The family of the dead son is outrage and demand blood over the their misfortune. Inez decides to move them to Nautas where Orishas continues schooling, having ejected the rebellious bug out of his system.

March,12 2165
Inez gifts his son a car for his sixteenth birthday. However, the keys will be given to him when he’s old enough to drive. Ori reveals to his mother than he is dating someone, but promises to be careful not to accidentally kiss him. Inez is weary, but has learnt to trust his son’s decision.

December 15, 2165
Orishas breaks up with his boyfriend after he is accepted into a mental institute. The few times they kissed was enough to get the man hooked up, to the point where he is almost raped. He bows never to have serious relationships and decides to focus on the only thing that has been constant so far: science. He graduates from highschool and decides to study Biology to find out more about his abilities as an Evo. Orishas finally gains his mother’s trust to receive the car keys to the car that has been sitting there for a year now.

January 31, 2167
He decides to move out of his Ori finishes his university and gets his hands on a degree in Biology. He decides to enlist in the Carrie Institute as the Tier Analyst for Carrie institute.


Ori had a somewhat developed body. Somewhere in the middle of athletic and skinny. He always wears long sleeves and coats because of the burn marks around his back and arms from a freak accident in his teenage years.

TRIGGER WARNING: sex and stuff.

The cold of the sheets. The heat of bodies intertwining. A brewing storm of emotions.

A hand slowly caressed his bare back, sending small jolts of electricity up his spine. A small gasp stolen by fervent kisses. His lips moved softly, pausing with each breath in sync with another. His bright blue eyes gazed back to the windows of his own soul; Orishas stared back at the blue. He knew deep down that this was wrong. Dilated pupils. It was a sign, but he kissed back.

He felt weak and strong at the same time. The flow of energy was turbulent. It’s strong, his grip on his throat, which moves to his shoulders and then to his waist. Alarms fire off inside his head. It’s wrong. It’s stupid… and illogical. But there was something intoxicating about breaking all the rules he built up for moments like this.

Hands pushed him down the bed. The walls in his mind crumbled down. Connor continued to kiss him, his tongue travelling slowly from his lips, to his neck and trailing the middle of his chest.

Do you like it?” A proud grin on his face as he glanced at Ori, whose chest rose and descended heavily. “You with me, babe?

Was there really pleasure in teasing a virgin like him? He figured it did inflate his ego like the alpha male that he was. But the one in control was not him.

M-Must you a-ask me-Fuck!” He went down on his body like a lion in heat. “ Wa-wai-fu-”

At this point, words were useless. All of his senses were concentrated in one area that his partner was paying so much attention to, an area that was not used to that attention… at all. His breathing gets harder, beads of sweat trail his naked body. Was the temperature rising…? He couldn’t tell.

How’d you like that?” Connor’s face took over Ori’s entire vision. “ Was it as good as it for you as it was for me?

Fuck you, Connor.” Orishas rolled his eyes, but this only triggered another kiss. His smile was so sexy, so he was forgiven immediately. “Hey, it is it getting ho-

Another kiss stole his lips, and concerns away. His mind was in such a haze, his body too weak to argue against the forbidden taste of danger. Smoke rose to the air and disappeared. The burning sensation was getting stronger, rising steadily.

Connor, stop. Hey, Co-

In a sudden burst of strength, Ori flung his man out of the bed, sending him flying into the floor. But he never responded back. All Ori could hear were grunts and spams. Fear clung to his throat.

Connor. Fuck. No.

It was happening. Had they gone too far? He had lost count on how many times they kissed. “O-Ori! It hurts. Please… please kiss me again. Make… the pain...” He screamed, as if being burned alive. Burn marks started to form on his arms and face. “Ori… MEE-

Ori didn’t know what to do, because he’d done enough. He extended a hand but the heat was too much to bear. Nor could he concentrate properly. There was too much noise. His screams, and the pounding of his heart. If only he could make it all quiet, again. People often told him, be careful what you wish for. He never understood what they meant. Until now.

A loud scream filled the air with heat and light, causing a bright explosion.

 Posted: Apr 19 2018, 07:09 AM
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