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 Activity Check Update
 Posted: Jul 6 2018, 08:12 AM
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sometimes I can stand on one foot for over a minute like a stork. It's really majestic shit. fo rizzle.
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Activity Check Update
After a few months of consideration, we have decided to implement a "passive"/"behind the scenes" activity check style instead of our previous "active" style.

The changes you will see will be quite minimal. Merely, the monthly "activity check" thread will no longer be posted, and the staff will do a sweep of activity. The rules have been updated to reflect this change.

QUOTE (Rules Update: July 5 @ 2167)
Every month (around the 7th), the staff will check the IC post counts of active characters. Players who have not posted one (1) IC post per month per character (or four (4) IC posts per month per canon character) will be contacted in regards to whether they would like to keep their character active. In the case of canon characters, repeated lapses in activity may result in losing the character (or the character stepping down from their canon position, if applicable).

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact one of the Admins!
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