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 Karaoke Heroes, On The Rocks | 09/29/2167 09PM | Vels
Vels Kruger
 Posted: Jan 16 2018, 02:00 PM
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Focused in soundwaves creation and manipulation, Vels can make sounds loud enough to break glass or even bones, or he can make perfect silence. He can hear every conversation in the city at every moment of every day (but he's gotten damn good at finding the ones that matter). His suppressants push his abilities down to a 100 yard diameter, so ... that's better, right?
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For what it was worth, it had not even slightly occurred to Vels that the gun that Peter Gomorrah had been talking about was not the one that resided in his shoulder holster. It was almost an endearing expression and realization to watch wash across the man's face. His eyes grew wider and wider as he processed what Larissa (and apparently Peter) had implied and his eyes looked down as if he had never once realized that a metaphor could have been used for that piece of his body.

He went bright red, but shoved the statement under the table without another thought. That was an entirely inappropriate topic to discuss between a man and a woman as far as he was concerned. (Which was likely much of the reason that his relationship with the girl he was infatuated with was as confusing as it was.)

For half a second he hesitated when she made the new stipulation and then decided to go for it anyway. "Assassination attempt; one thousand." He agreed taking her hand and shaking it.

He laughed aloud at her statement about hearing things. He cocked his head slightly, waiting for her to remember his ability and then said: "I've got his really cool, totally unimaginable gene -- gives me extra abilities. You might have heard of it." he joked and then pointed towards a table all the way across from them. Two women sat, whispering about plans for a wedding, which Larissa could hear as if she was at the table with them. Then he pointed at a man who was sitting alone on his phone. She would be able to hear the conversation with his friend who had just gotten really busy; could they have a rain date. Showing off was one of his favorite activities, so the set up was as invited as someone buying him a drink or complimenting his attire.

@Larissa Parrish
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