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 Jackson, Temperance Sadie, 44 | Evo | ECLU
Temperance Jackson
 Posted: Jun 25 2018, 11:45 PM
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Age & DOB

December 24, 2123 (44)

Pref. Pronoun


Member Group


Tier Classification

Tier 4




Executive Director of ECLU (replacing Executive Director Rajesh Patel)

Face Claim

Danai Gurira


Replacing this character

Overarching Power


Abilities & Limitations


If Temperance makes skin-to-skin contact with someone, she is able to relive a single memory with them at a time. The memory is usually of a moment in time –a conversation, an experience. Typically, these average between 15 and 30 minutes, but Temperance has managed to hold a “session” for two hours. The session will last for as long as the memory does, and the memory will be clear—accurate in what was said, what happened, and the impressions, including sights, sounds and smells.

Often people on the other end of her sessions report some healing, improvement in mood and reduction in the pain of the memory.


Temperance is unable to choose which memory to view, although she has some suspicions that the person whose memories she is reading can influence what she sees. She is only able to view the memory if she makes skin contact with the person, and must continue the skin contact to hold the memory. Each session also leaves her emotionally drained and with a migraine.

Her control has gotten better, and making contact with someone will not always result in seeing something she doesn’t want to see. But when she is particularly tired or under emotional strain, she will wear gloves and long clothes to avoid physical and mental connections.

In addition, not all sessions end up well for the person on the other end. Some people walk out feeling fresh pain rather than relief.



Temperance is charming. She can be funny, she can be light, playful, polite, or serious, depending on what the mood and the person requires. She is good at speaking and can line up her thoughts and speak eloquently when she so desires. Education, mentors and practice have also given her the ability to persuade—a key component of her roles.


Whether it is due to her evolute ability or some innate trait, Temperance feels the pain of others deeply, and isn’t afraid to show it. While she doesn’t often get deeply emotional, she is never afraid to sympathize with someone or to offer her support. It is genuine, despite her position and power—and she does truly want to help.


Temperance trained for years on how to be a good leader. She does her best to trust her staff and not micromanage, and focus on the things that will drive the ECLU forward and find who will be best to do it. She does her best to be uplifting rather than negative, and those who work for her describe it as an overall good experience.


Personal Connections

Temperance has lots of people who consider themselves close to her, but she herself has few dear friends. Due to her position and her abilities, it is easier for others to confide in her than it is for her to speak to them. She has severe difficulties opening up and letting herself be vulnerable. This intentional isolation takes a mental toll on her.


While she can empathize with others, Temperance never fails to focus on the big picture first—all people are pawns to her in her game for equal rights. She doesn’t view it as a negative—to the contrary, she believes she is doing it all for their ultimate good. But she will use people and poke them into her direction (the so called “right” direction) with very little compunction or thought towards their feelings.


As stated, Temperance is a big-picture person. Therefore, small details can escape her. This can be minor, personal things, like a friend’s birthday or an anniversary. But it can also impact her work. Some of the cases she’s lost has been due to her ignoring a small detail as “irrelevant, and not fully accounting for some fact or taste has lost her many a donor. She’s gotten better at hiring people to cover these details for her, but as she hardly notices, it continues to be a problem.


Temperance is, first and foremost, a politician. One that works for the ECLU, but all of her focus is towards the equal rights for Evolutes. She looks at the big picture, and often does her best to plan several steps ahead. She is confident, somewhat self-important, and willing to do almost whatever it takes to get her way in things.

Her position means she very rarely has time to herself. She is constantly on the move, whether to a legal case, meeting, or gala. At this point in her life, she doesn’t know how not to be busy. Even when she has time where she is not officially working, she is usually on her computer, filling out forms or looking for new donors and cases. She is a workaholic, but her job requires her to be. She also doesn’t have many people to call her on it.

It’s because she doesn’t have many close friends that there are few people who notice that she can be quite two-faced. In public, she can be friendly, charming, verbose, opinionated. In private, she is quiet, reserved, and depending on how much she’s had to be on that day, irritable. It is almost impossible for a woman who is in the limelight as much as Temperance is to actually have a private life. But she does try. In her views, it’s the only way to compensate for seeing too much of other people’s lives—by keeping her own under tight wraps. And in that, her desire for control shines through as well. Relationships are on her terms, whether friendships or romantic.

That said, she still likes helping people. This is why she won’t turn down anyone who approaches her, whether for a discrimination case or for a more personal request to use her powers on someone’s behalf.


2123 - 2132

Temperance was born to Richard and Margie Jackson. She was the second child. They had a son, Jordan, who was five years older. She was also the first Evolute born to that branch of the family, and at her birth, her parents had serious discussions. Could they handle her gift? If they couldn’t, what would they do? But overall, Temperance was a happy child. She loved chasing after Jordan, playing outside and having fun with other kids. Despite her name, she was impetuous, impatient and inclined to get into trouble.

But this changed when, at 9, her powers manifested.

2132 – 2135

Of course Temperance had no control over her powers at the start. Why would she? But this made it extremely uncomfortable for her parents. It’s hard to calm a crying child when picking her up can show you both things that shouldn’t be seen by a child. For a year, her parents tried, but after a couple of months Temperance wouldn’t let anyone but her brother touch her. And even that stopped after Jordan accidentally revealed a memory where he’d been bullying another kid. Her grades went down, she stopped interacting with other students and teachers and withdrew into herself.

Desperate to ensure that their daughter was cared for and uncertain on how to teach her control, the Jacksons reached out to Richard’s brother, Adam. Adam lived in Evesdown with his Evolute wife and three Evolute daughters. He’d moved there after joining a Malachite sect. He was also an Evolute himself, with the ability to suppress other’s powers within a short range—and he worked at Carrie. Adam came and met with Temperance, and for an hour the girl clung to him, quietly crying. By the end of the day, Adam and the Jacksons had made an agreement – until Temperance gained control of her powers, she would live with Adam’s family in Evesdown.

Some parts of living there were good. At home, at least, Temperance could touch others without unwanted memories. But the Malachite religion (Adam and his family were part of the Temperants sect) imposed restrictions on her that she wasn’t used to, and she chafed at them. While the family loved her as one of their own, they had more restrictions than she was used to. She liked arguing, she liked squabbling with her cousins, but Adam and his wife, Lisa, tried to encourage their children not to. Temperance was brought to volunteer with the family and told to show respect to others. Even if she could now touch people without difficulties, Temperance missed her family.

Eventually, Temperance gained some control over her powers. The Carrie institute further refined her management of her powers, and when she came back at 12, she expected her family to take her back.

But her mother had had another kid. And as Temperance had seen a bit too much of her family’s inner thoughts, too young, and there was still the potential for it happening again, it quickly became clear that they didn’t want her around. So Temperance moved back to Evesdown and worked at living within Adam and Lisa’s gentle but firm guidelines.

With control came peace of mind. Temperance got better in school—did extremely well, in fact. She grew interested in history. When she graduated, she was accepted into university. And while her parents did not want to live with her, they were more than happy to foot the bill.

2141 – 2147

Temperance liked Nocht. It was the first place where she felt like she could be more of herself. There weren’t many Evos there, but enough, and with control of her powers she felt she could move about far more successfully. After debating her major for a couple of years and switching subjects, she eventually settled on studying history. She enjoyed learning what came before the dome, and even some of the stuff that happened after. But studying and school also educated her on how much of a bubble she’d lived in when in Evesdown. There were many different ways that Evolutes were repressed in Ark. So when she graduated with her undergrad, she immediately moved on to law school.

2148 – 2156

At twenty-five, she graduated and passed the bar. She worked hard in school and graduated at the top of her class—mostly because she had almost no social life to speak of. Many private companies courted her, but instead she went to be a public defender.

Being a public defender was hard work. She picked it because of the amount of people who were punished in the city who didn’t have the money to defend themselves. Unfortunately, there were a couple of problems with this. For one, she often worked to defend those with anti-Evolute sentiments. While she had quite a bit of patience and her aunt and uncle had preached tolerance to her, it began to wear on her. For another, due to her consistent overwork, her control began to slip, and accidental contact with some of her clients brought up memories she didn’t want to see. Boyfriends came and left, unable to keep up with her and not always wanting their entire life exposed to her when they kissed. After about 8 years, she quit and took a sabbatical.

2156 – 2167

It was at about this time that Temperance began thinking more about the ECLU. She’d penned a couple of papers and done some presentations on the reasons for true equality for Evolutes. She still had no desire to go into the private sector or be a private defense attorney. So she approached the ECLU for a job.

It also helped that the lawyer she was seeing, Henry, was a major donor there. Henry was well-payed and a Typic with the most normal family life imaginable. He claimed to have nothing he was ashamed of, and was never afraid of her contact--which meant that their relationship could proceed at a more normal pace. He helped her get the interview and, throughout the course of their 7 year relationship, helped her climb the ranks of the ECLU.

As she moved on to bigger cases, she and Henry moved in together. They were engaged to be married. They were talking about kids. They even had a date set. But Henry was called into a bad part of town, and got caught up in something—Temperance never found the details. She didn’t ask. But he didn’t make it, and she was left in the apartment he’d gotten them. Because he had no family, she also inherited his money.

Unsure of how to grieve, Temperance threw herself more into work. She made herself indispensable, took on the hardest cases. Henry, a socialite himself, had taught her how to interact in society. She started playing politics—soliciting donations, going to galas. Recently, her hard work paid off, and she was appointed head of the ECLU.

For once, things in Murad’s life had been going—better.

The case with Vels was wrapping up. No more slurs had been painted on his car and locker. There were less muttered comments in the hall. He’d even gotten a positive note in his record, although he was pretty sure that his lieutenant had choked when writing it.

And dating Leo—officially, not under the table or worried about getting exposed for anything—was nice. Surprisingly so. After Mani, Murad had been skeptical of feeling again. It was hard to let someone under your skin and let them hang out there. Caring about people had a nasty tendency to hurt, and he wouldn’t have ever expected Leo of all people to be a restful partner.

And he wasn’t, not really. But Murad liked his company, and aside from some worrying moments where Leo seemed to have something on his mind or be churning something over in his head, it seemed to be going well.

Hell, they were even going out in public. It was progress. He just tried to ignore the little niggling voice in the back of his head that murmured you’ll fuck it up again. Maybe he would. After the ongoing misfortune of the last couple of months, he wasn’t going to waste time talking himself into a panic attack.

He was a little bit late as some of his coworkers had actually wanted to talk to him, and he hadn’t wanted to ruin the moment, so he looked mildly windswept as he entered the building—clothing just slightly ruffled from speeding on the motorcycle, and hair slightly helmet-flattened. He spotted Leo and waved the hostess off as he went over to the man. He brushed a kiss across his hair—he liked doing that—before settling down across from the man with a soft grunt.

“Yeah, got to see her.” He smiled at him. “She’s in rehab right now, and ready to kill someone. Didn’t stay long—was afraid she was gonna test her regained strength by punching me. Thanks for checking in.” He had not yet told Jane that he and Leo were together—not because he didn’t want to, but because he didn’t want her to take a swing at him while she was still on crutches. She deserved an honest chance.

“How was the clinic today?” he asked. “No one tried to take down any walls, right? And my mom didn’t manage to sneak yet another visit?” She had kept sending clients, although she was not there quite so often herself. She had not acknowledged that her son had told her that they were back together, but she had started bringing Murad up again in conversations with Leo.

Leo seemed…quiet today though. It was a busy restaurant, and that smile had been reserved at best—not his usual smirk. He’d start with the clinic, he decided, then try other means to pry it out of him if he needed to.

Temperance Jackson
 Posted: Jul 9 2018, 02:06 AM
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Annnd done! Holler if it needs any changes.
 Posted: Jul 10 2018, 05:53 AM
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