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 Spire Locations
 Posted: Aug 27 2017, 09:00 AM
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Spire District

Located at the heart of Ark, Spire District is the hub of government activity. Almost a city within a city, it houses the Courthouse, the Memorial Library, and Galen Hospital. At the center of it all stand the Gemini Spires, the tallest buildings in the city. Castor Tower houses the APD Headquarters, the City Council Chambers, and other offices of government while Pollux Tower is largely dedicated to the DEA Headquarters and the Carrie Institute. The Constellation Bridge connects the two towers at the fiftieth level of each building--though some find its glass floor a bit daunting.


Ark Police Department - Although the APD has precincts scattered throughout the city, the Gemini Precinct is definitely the most robust. The main strength of the APD is located here, as are the offices of the higher-ups. Floors are divided among the various divisions, from petty theft to homicide, complete with evidence rooms, weapons lockup, and holding cells.

DEA Headquarters - The Department of Evolute Affairs is based out of Pollux Tower. Most DEA operations are run directly from this building, and it houses the various offices, control rooms, and crime labs necessary to achieve that. There is also a state-of-the-art training center for DEA recruits, as well as holding cells and interrogation chambers specifically designed to secure even the most powerful Evolute prisoners.

Carrie Institute - The Carrie Institute is dedicated to the study and classification of Evolute kind. Due to the nature of its work, it resembles a combination of boarding school and laboratory manned by an army of geneticists, Tier analysts, counselors, and DEA officers. All Evolute children are required to undergo a one-year period at the Institute during which time they are tested and observed to gauge the full extent of their capabilities. Children classified as T1 or T2 remain in Institute custody until the age of eighteen.

Carrie Institute Testing Center - At first glance the Testing Center seems like any other boarding school, complete with instruction halls, dormitories, a library, a cafeteria, and an infirmary. There are even some pleasant indoor gardens and a recreation center. Testing Chambers utilize augmented and virtual reality “games” to test children’s abilities in fun (and closed) environments. But even all of this luxury can’t quite mask the fact that the pupils of the Carrie Institute are essentially prisoners. DEA guards are stationed around every corner while cameras located throughout the Institute serve to monitor the childrens’ every move. While most children are here only for the year-long testing period, Evolute children classified as T1 and T2 (as well as those with nowhere else to go) usually remain in Institute custody until the age of eighteen.

Carrie Institute Laboratories - The uppermost floors of the Carrie Institute are restricted to the public, dedicated to laboratories where scientists work to study the Evolutes. While some are still in search of the the fabled “cure,” most are simply dedicated to studying and classifying the different types of powers. As with any restricted areas, the Institute is dogged by rumors of ethics violations, experimentation, and unlawful imprisonment. All of these rumors are of course false. Maybe.

Courthouse - Where cases are tried and justice is (sometimes) served. Citizens may also come here to pay fines, file for licenses, or contest charges. The courthouse doubles as a judiciary branch of sorts, where bills are proposed, contested, and and reviewed for submission to the Council.

Galen Hospital - The largest and best-equipped medical facility in the entire city, Galen Hospital is dedicated to the treatment of anyone who finds themselves ill or injured, be they Evolute or Typic. The building is quite large and contains an emergency center and clinic as well as rooms for short- and long-term patients.

Satori Memorial Library - One would think that the age of holograms and big tech would have made libraries obsolete, but data just can’t beat the smell of books. The Satori Memorial Library (often shortened to “Memorial”) stands six stories tall and houses books on just about every subject imaginable, in a number of different languages.

Trine Academy: All ages (K-12) for all students, Typic and Evo. (Submitted by etrangeetbelle)

Josslyn & Meter - A high-profile, well-connected law firm specializing in corporate law. Known for representing some members of, or people connected with, the Gamorrah cartel and the Entende as well as other politicians and businesspeople. (Submitted by Agate)
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