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 Coley, Irving "Junior", 18|Evolute|Civilian
Irving Coley, Jr.
 Posted: Mar 11 2018, 10:54 PM
Tier 3
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Detectability Manipulation - Becomes invisible either in whole or in part, and becomes entirely undetectable to the human ear.
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Irving Ellis Coley, Jr.
played by Shine


Age & DOB

June 7th, 2148 (18)

Pref. Pronoun


Member Group


Tier Classification

Evolute, Tier 3




Administrative Assistant

Face Claim

Nick Robinson

Overarching Power

Detectability Manipulation

Abilities & Limitations

When he's fully invisible this also mutes him, but doesn't prevent people from smelling him or technology from picking up on body heat or psychics from noticing that there's a human brain running around in the area. He's also able to make individual body parts invisible if he so desires. The longest he can do either for is six hours, and full invisibility requires another six hours before he can use his power again.

Like many gifted people, use of his power burns extra calories and so in order to keep his energy up he needs to eat. His least favorite side effect is that even when he isn't using his power he's often overlooked, other people passing right over him as if he isn't there. He also becomes fatigued if he uses his powers even half as long as his absolute maximum limit.

He considers himself fortunate that he doesn't have the migraines that plague so many of his fellow Evolutes, although he would consider trading people forgetting he was there for migraines. Since he's never actually had a migraine he really has no idea what a terrible trade that would end up being.


Junior is an intelligent young man who picks up on skills and topics quickly. He doesn't mind tedious work, so long as he receives acknowledgement and praise for his performance. He has a preference for science and math over language arts, but he's never had a grade below an A in any subject.

He plays chess tolerably well, although he rarely does so anymore, as the game reminds him too much of a time he had hope of a good relationship with his father.

He was first violist in his high school orchestra, although there was admittedly not a great deal of competition; the violin section had a much more heated competition for first chair.

If suitably motivated he's an uncomplaining, hard working young man who will do any job he's asked with gusto.

For those who earn it (namely, Bruce) he's unwavering in his loyalty. Of course, this can also be a bad thing, since his loyalty means he's willing to do literally anything asked of him.


Despite his Evolute status Junior was raised in a privileged home. As a result he's absolutely terrible at really grasping the realities of other people's financial situations. While he's aware he's rich he's a bit fuzzy on just how big the disparity is.

He has the typical weaknesses that come along with being a frail mortal, although he's young enough that he doesn't always consider those with the same urgency they might deserve.

His seething resentment against the dominant forces of society and his father has hampered him on more than one occasion. He refuses to admit that this might be a problem, of course.

His desire for attention and affection have also caused problems in his life that he won't ever admit to. People ignoring him, or ignoring his contributions, is just about the worst punishment he could be given.

Related to this is the fact that once his loyalty is earned with said attention and affection his judgment becomes greatly impaired; if Bruce asked him to commit a crime he would figure out a way and absolutely no brainwashing would be necessary to acquire his participation.

He's neither physically nor emotionally strong. Don't ask him to help you lift things, because he'll do it and throw his back out. And insults are likely to crumble him for days at a time.


Junior is a young man with a chip on his shoulder. He resents that his father's work keeps him away from their home, he resents even more that his father had no choice (but couldn't he have tried?) He resents the expectations on him as a child of both wealth and a government official, that he'll find a place for himself in the government as well despite being a lower tier. He resents that his parents chose to raise him among Typics, their wealth allowing them access that other Evolutes didn't have. He resents Typics most of all, and the social power that they wield over him. He has no time for them, and believes that Evolutes shouldn't willingly fraternize with them.

What he wants is the destruction of the current social order, and a father figure. He's found one of those desires, much to his father's chagrin. His mentor is his world, and he wants to be just like him, as unlikely as this to actually occur.

He's naturally a follower, someone who looks to others for guidance. Whether that's his surrogate father figure or someone more dominant among his peers he prefers that someone else tell him what path he should take. He doesn't necessarily realize this about himself, of course; how could he be a follower when he's trying so hard to rebel against every expectation set upon him, and when he resents so much that the government has so much control of his life?

But the truth is that the attention of someone more authoritative will have him eating out of their hands. A little bit of praise and direction and he'll walk through fire for someone.

He finds competition stressful, preferring cooperation and problem solving. He doesn't want to prove he's better than anyone else, except maybe Typics. But in that case there's a bit less attempts at direct competition and a great deal more passive aggression and snarling and sulking.

He's also prone to snapping and passive aggression when people fling rumors at his mentor. That some of those rumors have adapted to include him has not improved his reception of them; he is absolutely not brainwashed into working for Bruce, and he will throw aside passive aggression for direct aggression when anyone suggests such a thing.

It's true that he's thoroughly enchanted with Bruce, but he rejects the notion that the older man's power has anything to do with this. He approached Bruce of his own accord, a figurative middle finger to his father and to society. He's absolutely thrilled that their relationship has progressed to a surrogate father/son dynamic, despite the fact that he's in Bruce's employ. He's also thrilled that his mentor is running for public office, and is extremely enthusiastic in explaining to everyone why they ought to vote for him.

When not working and not following Bruce around like a lost puppy he can be found playing viola and studying genetics. That he could have followed his mother into medical science is not lost on him; he certainly had the grades for this. But that would have been exactly what the government wanted, a way of forcing him into their narrow little boxes. Besides, his current job infuriates his father a lot more.


The Coleys are an old money family. This has allowed them a bit more freedom to move throughout society than your ordinary Evolute. They live on the wealthier side of town, an attempt at grasping some of the benefits conferred upon the Typics. Superior public services, superior education, a greater sense of safety despite living shoulder to shoulder with those who feared them. There was that eyesore Shangri-La, of course, a sign that the neighborhood was going to the dogs, so to speak. Everyone spoke of it with disapproval, but the Typics cast some of that disapproval back upon his family, as though they were in part responsible simply by being Evolutes who dared to live in a Typic heavy area.

His relationship with his parents was distant, at best. His father worked long hours for the government, not by choice, and his mother worked as a medical researcher which also kept her out of the home. He was largely raised by his family's housekeeper, another Evolute, but one from a less fortunate financial situation. She was kind to him, and treated him as if he were her own son. He adored her, but longed for more attention from his own parents all the same.

He cherished what little time his parents were able to spend with him; among his happiest memories are playing chess with his father, or reading science articles with his mother.

In 2160 he was taken for training at the Carrie Institute. He was furious at his parents for allowing him to be taken; they had money, they should have bribed someone, or hid him, or done anything to allow him to stay home. But they didn't, and he was forced to leave him.

He did well in training, if only because even at his most sulky he wasn't difficult to motivate. But he spent the entire year terrified that he would never come home again. That some of his peers didn't was not lost on him, and he was grateful when he was finally allowed home.

He had a difficult time forgiving his parents, however. Neither one seemed to him to be appropriately relieved that he was home. He was never very good at assessing subtle emotions; if he had been he would have known how difficult this was for them, as well. Instead he assumed they didn't care, that they wouldn't have cared if he had been one of the children who never returned.

The only person who truly seemed to care was his housekeeper, and while he was grateful he resented that his parents didn't show the same obvious concern for his well-being.

After his time at the Carrie Institute he found he had more trouble with his peers, as well. His school was largely made up of Typics, and he was not welcome among them. He responded by keeping his head down and studying, achieving high grades to make up for a lack of social capital. There was little outright hostility, a fact he attributes to his parents money rather than his peers kindness. Rather they pretended not to see him. Or was that only his power? Was he being paranoid? He knew that was a side effect and yet it seemed so pointed at times. He wasn't invited places, and when he approached groups stopped talking or scattered.

At times there were comments that were just pointed enough to hurt, but with enough plausible deniability to be frustrating. The one time he tried to go to a teacher he was told that of course it was only natural for Typics to be afraid of Evolutes.

He never asked a teacher for help again.

Instead his resentment festered until he came to the conclusion that his teacher had a point. Typics and Evolutes shouldn't interact. They shouldn't be friends, they shouldn't date, and, more importantly, the current government shouldn't exist.

He wasn't radical enough to try to set fire to things to that end, however. If he had fallen in with a freedom fighter he would have gone that route, but he didn't have it in him to go that direction without a push. Instead he decided to rebel in a manner far less destructive (and much less helpful for Evolutes as a whole).

As soon as he turned 18 he marched into Shangri-La and demanded a job as a surrogate. Bruce Vaughan suggested he begin in administrative work, instead.

While he had initially sought employment from Bruce as an act of rebellion their relationship has slowly morphed into one of mentor/mentee and Junior couldn't be happier. He's utterly devoted to his employer in a way that does nothing to quell the rumors that Bruce brainwashed him into working at Shangri-La, because what child of wealth would work there of their own volition? Even an Evolute?


At 5'10 Junior is right around average height for an adult male. He takes after his mother more than his father in features and coloring, which he appreciates; he has to share a name, so why shouldn't he at least look like a different person?

He knows how to spot a quality suit, and certainly has his share of them, although he prefers a more casual look in his day to day life. Of course, his more casual looks are still excessively expensive, costing more money than many people earn in a month.

Elijah took a fortifying breath, steeling himself for the confrontation that was to come. He could already hear the wizard's sarcastic barbs stinging his pride and it took all of his will not to fold under that pressure and instead to fix a smile on his face as he assured his lover, "Of course. Take all the time you need."

He brushed fingers against balled up fists before turning on his heel, leaving Art on the terrace. What he wanted was for the two of them to find somewhere more private, where they could have a more private conversation. He could put his arms around Art and promise to make this right again and then they could forget it had ever happened.

Instead he felt oddly like a chastised puppy, slinking away from it's master after peeing on the rug and chewing on the furniture. An uncomfortable feeling that.

He slipped back into the booth with a strained smile, checking to make sure that their salads hadn't been removed before inclining his head in the direction of his nemesis. The words wanted to stick in his throat, and he had to force them out, but memories of Art's body language, wounded and vulnerable, drove him onward against his natural inclinations.

"I'm afraid I've been very rude," He admitted, staring straight into the wizard's bespectacled face despite every desire to fix his attention at a point beyond him instead. "It's very generous of you to visit Art when you come out to Seattle, even when you and I don't always....see eye to eye."

 Posted: Mar 12 2018, 12:33 PM
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