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 Hey, Bruce; It's Reese, May 2167 | @Bruce Vaughan
Reese Marshall
 Posted: May 1 2018, 08:35 PM
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There are moments that the words don’t reach There is suffering too terrible to name You hold your child as tight as you can And push away the unimaginable The moments when you’re in so deep It feels easier to just swim down
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Please note: Between these messages are numerous missed calls.

May 2, 11:13am : Hey, man. Someone said their holo acted up this morning. I guess it had something to do with me? You see it?

May 2, 5:22pm: Hey, Bruce. I'm sure you've seen the news. Just give me a call.

May 3, 10:31am: Hey, it's me. Give me a call back when you get this. I don't get out until around 9 though, so don't hold your breath until 8:59.

May 4, 9:02pm: Hey. Uhm. It's -- uhm. It's Reese again. I'm just... I was hoping you were around. I saw you on the news. I want to say I'm sorry. Please give me a call. We can work this out, alright? I'll talk to you later.

May 6, 3:09pm: Hey, it's me again. I know I really messed up, but this is -- Please call me. I miss you. Please call.

May 7, 4:13: Hey, it's Reese. Just calling to say hello. I had a really shitty day at work. I was laying some concrete and someone accidentally hit me with a metal beam. Anyway, long story short, Theo said it was better if I took a break from work. So -- Shangri-La hiring? I'm just kidding. Anyway, I hope things are going alright. Uhm. Yeah, I guess that's it. I'd love to hear your voice.

May 9, 6:10pm: You're really starting to freak me out. We can talk this out. Just give me a call back, alright?

May 11, 7:39am: Hey, Bruce. It's Reese. Today was alright. Uhm. I got a part time gig cleaning toilets at a place in Spire -- Pemble. So, that's alright. No one really talks to me there, but I guess that's not really a change. Uhm. Anyway, I was just calling to see how you were doing. It's been almost two weeks. So, uh, I guess I feel like I've done my time. We could just talk it over. Anyway, give me a call back.

May 12, 6:40am: Hey, Bruce. I know things have been crazy, but just give me a call back when you get the chance. I'll see you tomorrow.

May 13, 5:56pm: Hey, It's -- It's Reese. I'm on my way over. You didn't answer my texts, just shoot me a message or call me back so I know what to pick up for dinner. See you soon.

May 13, 6:32pm: Hey Bruce. It's Reese. Uhm... I just-- I-- It's not a big deal. We'll catch up another day, alright? It's okay.

May 15, 3:20pm: It's me, uh, Reese... Marshall. I stopped by Shangri-La to try to get in contact with you and they sent me away. Just throw me a bone, man. I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry. I would have told you, but I didn't know how. *sniffles* Anyway, uhm. I guess nothing is new here. My visitation rights are out the window now... guess we should have seen that coming. Uhm. I got into a fight last night, so sorry about that. I really have been trying to be good but I can't. You know? I don't know what to --

May 16, 8:57pm: ... Hey. It's... Jesus, you fucking know who it is. Please call me back. I'm going crazy. I need to ... I miss you. Please. This isn't fucking right, Bruce. You know that. Please.

May 18, 11:15pm: *thud* *shatter* Jesus. Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck. Jesus. Jesus Christ.

May 21, 3:10am: [drunk] Hey, Bruce. I just want to get this off my chest. And I really, honestly -- Like, I was talking to Theo yesterday, right -- on the phone. He has to keep up appearances or whatever so we can't hang out together or whatever. I don't know. Apparently that's what the PR guy said. I always figured we'd come together as a family, but that's not how it goes. Anyway, it's probably better, you know? We talked about it before, right? It'd be better for them if I was out of your hair... I miss you. I hope everything's alright.

May 23, 5:16am: Sorry about the message a few nights ago. I was drunk. I was talking to my therapist yesterday. He said I need to express my feelings better to you so I can move on. Apparently that's how I thought my feelings sounded after a bottle of wine. So sorry. Anyway. Uhm... they put me alone on the graveyard shift now. So that's not so bad. Theo can't talk to me anymore. I'm not allowed near Wendy "for her safety" I guess it's kind of nice. I can't fail anyone anymore.

May 24, 5:19pm: Hey, Bruce. I don't know why I keep calling. I know you're not going to answered. You probably don't even listen to these messages. Anyway, I've decided to go cold turkey off drinking. Maybe that will help get me back into favorable light with the courts, you know? I know it doesn't make any fucking sense, but I hate that I can't see Wendy. I never saw her when I could... and now... My parents are talking to Theo and Tammy tomorrow about whether they could take her. Tammy's going to be her mom. It's a fucking sick world.

May 25, 5:29pm: Hey Bruce. Hope everything is going alright. I'm having dinner. Nothing really exciting happened today. I guess that's better than usual right? Better nothing than something bad, right? Anyway, the schedule came out and the Hellions' first game is October 5th. I know I said I'd buy, but if you could get them that'd be great. I'll pay you back. I promise.

May 26, 7:14pm: Hey, Bruce. It's Reese. I wrote this down so I wouldn't fuck it up. So. Uhm. Yeah. Here we go. Sorry if this sounds fucking sappy. I tried my best to not sound like a jackass: "I've been thinking about you a lot since this all started, and I want try to explain it. I know I'm not going to get the chance to speak to you face to face again, and that's fine. I understand, and I respect your choice. So, the news wasn't lying. I was a member of TU, but I'm not anymore. They did a lot of terrible things, but I didn't do them. I always ducked out. You know me, Bruce. I don't have a stomach for that kind of thing. I might throw a punch when I'm drunk, but I'm not dangerous like they're saying. I don't hate evos. I don't hate you, or your family, or Wendy. I don't hate random people walking down the street. I should have told you how much you meant to me when I had the chance. Being around you made me feel someth--"

May 26, 7:17pm: Sorry, it cut me off. I'm just going to finish. " made me feel something other than loathing. You made me smile, and you didn't hate me when I didn't. I had forgotten what being happy was. So thank you. Thank you for bothering with me when you could have anyone in Ark."

May 27, 11:12pm: Hey... uhm. Something... I... uhm. I needed-- You... I'm sorry, Bruce. I'm so sorry. Goodbye.

@Bruce Vaughan
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