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 Martell, Tahlia, 23 | Evolute | Dodger
Tahlia Marshell
 Posted: May 5 2018, 09:24 PM
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Tahlia Renee Martell
played by Gracie


Age & DOB

March 1, 2144, (23)

Pref. Pronoun


Member Group


Tier Classification

Tier 3


Dodger - Gomorrah Cartel


Thief/ Smuggler

Face Claim

Alexis Ren

Overarching Power

Molecular Manipulation

Abilities & Limitations

Tahlia has the ability to manipulate the surrounding molecules within a twenty-foot radius by either immobilization or acceleration. At the age of twelve, she discovered the ability to immobilize molecules through the movement of her hands. She isn't able to hold the objects for long periods of time, only a matter of minutes. The mass and speed of the object can affect her ability.

Over the years, her abilities have developed to allow her to accelerate molecules causing a small explosion. She doesn't always have control over this ability and is thankful for the suppressant provided by the government. When this new development started in her life she was having difficulties control whether an object or person would stop or be blasted across the room.


150+ words. Please list all non-power related skills here. These can include physical, mental, emotional, etc.


150+ words. Minimum of 3 weaknesses. Please note that your character must be able to be killed.


At least 250 words. Tell us who your character is! What kind of person are they? What are their likes and dislikes; their strengths and flaws? What sort of quirks do they have? Be thorough!


In 300+ words, give a detailed summary (including year/age references) of your character's life. Remember to include any large scale events in their lives (including, but not limited to, getting a job, having a child, meeting their spouse, etc.) If your character is in a position of power, please include how they learned the skills to achieve this position. This section may be in bullet points.
This was getting fucking ridiculous with a capital D-I-C-K. For the past few months, Ciarra has hunted down the prick who stole her necklace half a dozen times only to have him slip through her fingers time and time again. She didn't want to involve her brother in the matter because she feared they would rip his tall muscular reasonably good looking ass to shreds. Normally Ciarra wouldn't see a problem with this but her inner wolf howled in protest every time she thought of him. The idea that he could be her possible life mate was only adding more unwanted drama to their little tango.

She hadn't seen the stranger in nearly a week fearing that he had skipped town once and for all. It was starting to really irk her that she could have such intense feelings for him yet not even know his fucking name. Maybe she could just refer to him as Mr. Sexy Theif, Saint for short. Ciarra smirked at the idea as she stepped into the small diner on Main St., really the only other place in town with half decent food. The smell of bacon and coffee enveloped her senses making her groan with hunger. Though her inner wolf caught a familiar scent she had just been obsessing over. Oh, hell no it couldn't be that easy.

Ciarra turned on her leather boot heels to face his direction only confirming her suspicions. Mr. Sexy Theif was back in town and looking as tempting as ever. She gave a small tug on her black v-neck t-shirt exposing a little more of her cleavage before slipping off her leather jacket. She didn't want to restrict her movements if things came to blows in the diner. No, hopefully, she could act like a lady long enough for this son of a bitch to give back her necklace and not keep running around like a pussy.

Ciarra fell down into the booth across from Mr. Sexy Theif giving him a wide grin. "Hola," Ciarra spoke as if she didn't see her necklace clearly dangling around his neck. Wow, he sure has a set of conjones on him to parade around town flaunting her failures to take back what clearly belonged to her. "I think you have something that belongs to me. Return it, before I fucking go Brittany Spears circa 2007 on your ass." She spoke in a sweet voice as if talking to an old friend from high school. No need to allow the locals to realize there was a problem going on around them. Ciarra wanted this to end today no more games.

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