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 The Best Day, 8 December 2167 {open}
Ian Walker
 Posted: Jan 19 2018, 07:04 PM
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Hold on, baby you're losing it. The water's high, you're jumping into it and letting go, and no one knows, That you cry, but you don't tell anyone, that you might not be the golden one. You're tied together with a smile but you're coming undone.
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It was nice to know Ian hadn't annoyed Larissa yet. He felt he could relax around her. In time. It wasn't some switch he could just turn off. As she talked, Ian sipped at his drink. Her advice was honestly pretty good. Ian could agree that it at least sounded helpful and like sound advice. At the same time, he didn't know if he could put it into practice. Perhaps there was a lack of confidence after all.

Ian was determined to be a good guest and not be annoying. He would will himself to relax, to settle himself. Of course, to try and bring Larissa's advice to life, to at least try it out while he was a guest in her home. But all too soon the mood was changing. It wasn't a change that Ian was unfamiliar with. Ian was odd. There were so many ways in which he was pathetic. But there were ways in which he was bizarre. How was it possible for a young man who seemed to nervously stumble through any social interaction to cheat on his boyfriend with said boyfriend's sister? Such actions seemed to conflict with each other almost completely.

All it took was to feel her nails on his neck, to feel the warmth of her closing in on him. The tingling sensation on his flesh from being touched by someone new. Ian set his glass down beside him, coaster be damned, and wrapped his arm around the woman he'd met not even hours before. He pulled her closer and at the same time leaned into her kiss.

Ian broke the kiss and glanced in the direction of the bedroom. "All the way over there? What if I can't make it that far?" He grinned. That was why it had been the kitchen floor of his apartment. Ian backed away, his hand gliding down Larissa's arm to clasp hers. He gently pulled her towards the bedroom. Once he'd climbed the single step he dropped her hand and turned to face her. Ian's nervousness effectively melted away in certain situations. He hardly realized the difference. A part of him was still waiting to be yelled at, judged, struck down. But it chose to take a less controlling role in his actions. For the most part. "This... uh. It's a nice layout. Convenient bedroom location. So... Five dollars get the bed or floor? T... uh. Two for one special... I mean. Uh." He was aware that he could quite easily kill the mood. To shut himself up he pulled Larissa in for another kiss.

@Larissa Parrish
Larissa Parrish
 Posted: Mar 4 2018, 05:10 PM
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Larissa was infinitely amused in the fact that Ian seemed entirely too cute and innocent for this world, but at the first hint of intimacy--her nails on his skin, the warmth of her body pressing into him--he reacted just like most red-blooded men and readily kissed her back. She was also pleasantly surprised that he hadn’t been exaggerating earlier about his experience, he was a good kisser.

“Someone is an eager little beaver,” Larissa said with a hearty laugh. “If you truly cannot make it all the way to the bed then feel free to drag me to the floor and ravish me there.” She challenged him as he slid his hand into hers and led her to the bedroom.

“Two for one special if you can keep it up that long,” she grinned as he pulled her in for another kiss. Larissa pressed into him, her hands slipping down to work at his belt buckle and zipper. If they were going to continue this teasing and back and forth reparte, she wanted there to be less clothes in the matter.

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