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 Jacks Locations
 Posted: Aug 27 2017, 08:43 AM
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Jacks District

The oldest section of the city, Jacks in not for the faint of heart. In addition to being the poorest district, seemingly in a constant state of disrepair, it is a haven for criminal activity. Most Jacks residents are either too poor or too stubborn to leave.


Evesdown - It's perhaps not surprising to find that some Evos prefer the company of their own to that of Typics. This small corner of Jacks has become an unofficial safe haven (or a ghetto depending on who you ask) for Evolute homes and Evo-run businesses.

Broadcasting Station - While it doesn't get nearly as much use as it once did, Ark City's broadcasting station still serves as a hub for communication and entertainment. Ark News Network (known to the locations as "ANNie") is based out of here, as is the popular radio show "Sid & Casey in the Morning"

Sanctuary Park - Once a beautiful city park, Sanctuary has now become a tent city occupied by Ark's most rundown citizens. The law tends to steer clear of this place, content to let the rabble sort themselves out, which makes it a good place for people to disappear...but no one will bat an eye if you go missing either.

Homeless Shelter - The homeless shelter offers Ark's less fortunate a place to stay. Although it only allows "tenants" to stay on a temporary basis (usually no more than three days at a time) its a good place to get out of the cold and get a hot meal.

Animal Shelter - As the name suggests, the animal shelter is where most of the strays in Ark wind up. Come here to adopt a pet, or to lend a hand!


Allman's Jewlery - The front for the Gomorrah Cartel, Allman's Jewelry sells jewelry that's nice enough your significant other won't dump you on the spot (but not by much). However if you say the right words to the right people, a back room with a heavily secured door will bring you to the Cartel's main base of operations. Many, but not all, of the Cartel's meetings and official get-togethers occur in this location.

Luigi's Pizzeria - This Italian-style restaurant is famed for their pizza and wings. People from all over the city travel to Jacks to try a slice of their mega pizzas. Luigi's has a wall of fame for every person who is able to eat a full mega-sized pizza by him- or herself.

UMRC A recreational center located in Jacks, the UMRC offers gym memberships, youth sporting fields, swimming pools, and general family- and community-friendly entertainment halls and venues for various activities. Although it is run by the Malachites, the Universal Malacite Recreation Center does not in any way discriminate. Evolutes, Typics, Malachites, and every other person in the city need only pay what they can afford to be allowed to use this location's facilities; if they can afford nothing, they may enter free of charge.

Free Clinic: Can’t afford to go to the hospital? Have an injury that would usually result in a medical professional calling the cops? Come to the free clinic. It’s run by Cartel member Leo Dobrowolski and caters to all your poverty-stricken/illegal needs. (Submitted by SANDRINE)
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