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December 2017 Featured RPG
Ark City
Spring 2167 // March April May

Nyx Devereux
played by Cameron
20 Years
Tier 2
abilities & limitations
Illusion: With the usage of light, Nyx can create illusions using light creating objects that may appear to be there but actually are not. A hologram to be exact would seem to fit this description, but these illusions can even feel solid and be touched. Through the manipulation of the photons also creating what is commonly known to those who study his ability as solid light.
Light Concentration: This ability allows beams of light to be shot in concentrated forms making lethal rays of energy from photons. However, they follow the normal rules of light by reflecting off objects making it a good crowd control ability.
Light Generation: Nyx can generate light from his body, his own blood being bioluminescent.
Orb Creation: He can create orbs of light that will remain in the form of a ball, these balls of light will constantly illuminate an area until he no longer has use for it or when he leaves the area.
Invisibility via Light: This is a tactical move, by preventing photons from touching him or rather going through or arround him, he can be seen as many things whether it be a black spot in a lit hallway similar to a shadow or not there at all.
Solar Healing: While in the pesence of the sun, it appears the light heals wounds 4x faster, but this comes at a price of being unable to use his powers during the healing.

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