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 Dunne, Parker, 18 | Evolute | Reformer
Parker Dunne
 Posted: Feb 10 2018, 09:06 PM
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Tier 1
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Pyrokinetic- Able to create and manipulate fire.
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Parker Amelie Dunne
played by SmollestBean


Age & DOB

February 3rd, 2149 (18)

Pref. Pronoun


Member Group


Tier Classification

Tier 3




Waitstaff at Shangri-La

Face Claim

Astrid Berges Frisbey

Overarching Power

Fire Manipulation



Able to create fire as long as the Fire triangle applies.


Able to increase, decrease, or control (to a limited extent) the direction in which the fire is traveling. She has the ability to create combustion, or fire, and can use flames to burn and or melt flammable substances.


She can hold fire within her hands.



Though she is more heat resistant than most, she can still be burned. Only her hands are immune to burns.


Smoke inhalation still greatly effects her, and can prove dangerous and even fatal.


She's young, and though she's had her powers for a little while, it can be hard to control her abilities, something that control over fire needs in ample amounts.


Any of these environments and elements in large amounts can cause harm to her as well as limit the use of her powers. If placed in water, she will not be able to create fire and controlling flame will be almost non-existent.



From the time she was young, Parker has take to math exceptionally. Though she sin’t classified as a genius or having any extremely enhanced ability to deal with numbers, she’s been very good at working with mathematics and picking up mathematical processes. She tends to gravitate towards numbers both in daily life as well as in jobs. She’s hoping one day she’ll be able to work with numbers in some degree.


A major character-plus is her ability to be positive over any situation. She’s had some terrible things happen in her life, and despite all of it, she chooses to look at the good in the world rather than the bad. Though she realizes there is balance to all things, she focuses on keeping up morale of herself and anyone she meets. Even while being tested, she remained positive, continuing to smile and keep any melancholy hidden.


Though rebellion can be a negative quality, her drive for being rebellious is what has kept her going, what has saved her throughout her life. She tends to strive for better, no matter what it takes to get it, and in this case, is what makes her a reformer. She believes in the good in everyone, and by continuing her rebellious behavior, she believes one day society will see the same.


Loneliness and Depression

Though Parker is an optimist, and she would almost never let anyone see her otherwise, she has a depressive side to her as well. Her fears, such as being alone through life, get ahold of her and can cause her to be further isolated or take drastic measures. When she’s alone, her anxiety and depression intensify, and she becomes lost in herself which leads to, ultimately, bad decisions.


Her soft-heartedness, though often used as a good thing, can become a major flaw. Not knowing when to get rid of someone in her life, not knowing who to trust, and giving everyone the benefit of the doubt, can lead to some very awful experiences. She’s gone through a lot due to this quality, and it has become a very dangerous one. Even still, she tried to trust as openly and as often as she can. A very caring, motherly, instinct takes over and she can’t help but help everyone.


Though she enjoys the presence of people, he communication skills are lacking severely. It’s not that she doesn’t have a decent vocabulary or the ability to communicate, but rather the lack of confidence in interactions as well as a polite shyness. She’s awkward, weird, and openly herself. All of these can lead to a tongue-tied state, stammering or overly-explaining anything she tries to convey.


Parker is quite the character. She tends to address every situation, good or bad, with humor. Of course, her humor can be dark, cheesy, self-deprecating, dad-humor, or even just sarcasm. Being extremely serious isn’t part of who she is. She has a concept of when things are serious, but even in dire situations she still resorts to humor. She’s an optimist, despite everything, and will trust anyone from the start. It’s a sense of innocence, but more than anything, it’s a strive to see the reasons for living. As well as humor, she often is awkward, strange, weird, but uniquely herself. She’ll try to see things from multiple points of view, but not always does she act accordingly. She’s not set in a specific belief, but rather the idea that everyone, and everything, can be saved. Of course, this gets her into bad, dangerous, situations.

She’s very unmotivated when it comes to something she doesn’t want to do. If she has no desire she’ll procrastinate as long as possible. With that being said, if she has the motivation she does well to get things done, of course, muse and gusto come in short bursts. Very morally driven, Parker seems to portray a happy-go-lucky young woman with a small, awkward smile, and a bad sense of ‘fashion’. Underneath this genuine persona, there is a darker side of her that often results in major depression, anxiety, and self-harming behaviors. She’s attracted to the darkness, though that attraction comes from wanting to be the light in the dark. She’s a strange girl, and though she can be all over the place, she’s a fun, caring, woman, with a bouncy approach to life.


-Crystal Marie Hammond(Dunne)- Mother, 37 (2130), Carrier -Ines Eloisa Hammond- Sister, 10 (2156), Carrier -Elena Rosalie Dunne- Grandmother, (2105), Evolute -Edmond Julian Hammond- Step-father, 42 (2126), Typic

February 3rd, 2149

Parker Amelie Dunne is born. Her mother is only sixteen, and as promiscuous as she was, the father is unknown. Elena, Parker’s grandmother, is more overjoyed at having brought a new member of the family home than upset having been a grandma at a fairly young age. The baby girl is swaddled, spending the whole night in her grandmother’s arms.

September 22nd, 2155 (Age Six)

Up to this point, most of the discipline and care-taking has come from her grandmother rather than her mom. Her mother works to provide for her child, but also provides for herself, acquiring money for drugs and illegal substances. At age six, in September of 2155, Parker is clinging to her grandmother’s apron while she fixes a meal. A knock at the door sounds, and before the two can answer, the door is flung open, two men rushing inside. They start upheaving the house, breaking anything in their path. Both are armed and looking for heaven-knows-what, and before long have their sights set on Elena and Parker. Parker’s grandmother shoves the girl behind her and fends off the men well enough with a wooden spoon and an ample amount of grit. Though she ends up scraped up, Elena is alright, and Parker is untouched.

July 18th, 2156 (Age Seven)

For most of her life, Crystal was in and out of jail. Her presence was very convoluted, and at best Parker saw her once or twice a week. It had been almost a whole year since the incident, and almost a year since she’d last seen her mom. It was worrisome of course both for Elena and Parker, but ultimately neither one had any control over when Crystal might show up. It just so happened that Elena received a call, her daughter was at the hospital giving birth. This came with great surprise and great confusion, but both Elena and Parker showed up in time to witness the arrival of a new baby girl; Ines. Even more surprising, however, was the ring on Crystal’s left hand, and the tall, well-dressed man holding her hand tight. As it would turn out, Edmond Hammond, a moderately wealthy man, had a one night stand with Crystal. Upon learning of her with child, he was compelled to marry her, getting her clean, sober, and presentable enough to be his bride. He was a decent man, but he wanted nothing to do with Crystal’s family, he only cared about his blood relative and the woman he was compelled to marry. Ultimately, this would be the last time Parker would interact with her mother, and the beginning of a strange relationship with her younger sister.

February 3rd, 2161 (Age Twelve)

Elena was an Evolute herself, and though she didn’t necessarily approve of the testing, she knew that Parker was as ready as she was ever going to be, and that it was time. Parker spent a year in testing, and came out classified as a Tier 3 Evolute, a pyrokinetic. She was watched closely throughout testing, and though she endured some strenuous test dealing with water and drowning, she came out relatively unscathed, at least physically. She doesn’t talk about it much.

June 8th, 2165 (Age Sixteen)

Parker has been a solitary creature. She spends all of her time with her grandmother, and any friends are more of an acquaintance than anything. That’s why she falls easily into the arms of a boy. He’s blonde, grungy, and dark. Despite all of this he proclaims his love within a month. Of course, she falls for it, trusting him completely. What she soon realizes is her mistake. Within two months, he has taken advantage of her, ignored her pleas and non-consent, and takes what he wants. She cries, but doesn’t fight back. This will haunt her forever. One month after, she is approached by a woman who claims that, should she join her group, she will be granted an opportunity at revenge. The ELL, as they called himself, was promising, giving light to a future where people like her were never taken advantage of again. With little hesitation, she joined. It takes time, but she acclimates well to the position of a runner.

March 23rd, 2166 (Age Seventeen)

Parker moves away from her Grand-mother’s care, taking residence in a tent in Jack’s. Here, she manages to provide for herself for various jobs and helps the ELL. She still cares for her grandmother, but Elena is old, frail, and is now in an elderly home due to lack of memory and inability to care for herself. She stays in this situation up into the present, the major change being that of her employment. She is now a waitstaff member at the pleasure palace Shangri-La.


Her appearance is relatively reflected by her face claim. She has a few scars such as self-inflicted or merely scrapes from playing outside. Her eyes are a deep green color, and her freckles dot her face randomly giving her a very unkempt look.
Her feet hit the ground hard, knee-buckling, teeth-gritting kind of hard. Luckily, however, she made it over the fence. The smile returned to her face, an air of confidence surrounded her. The blood pumped through her veins, a steam, urging her forward. If she hadn't the sense of when to be quiet, she'd have let out a small laugh, after all, outrunning someone twice her size was nothing more than a humorous concept in her eyes.

Having taken no more than a few seconds, she tucked her body behind the nearest car, crouching low enough to watch movement beneath the base of the vehicle, but high enough to sprint off in any direction should the situation call for it. The man, having arrived over the fence slightly worse-off than she had been, stumbled forwards, brow furrowed both in anger and in disgust. This part of town was especially filthy, trash lined the streets, and the grunge of the buildings made the appearance far worse in comparison to other districts. He stopped, listening closely.

"Fine," He called out in a rather hushed yell, "I guess we can do this the hard way." Drawing a knife from his back pocket he took slow steps covering every bit of ground his feet could afford. Parker waited silently, breathing through a slightly parted mouth and steeling herself for the run that came next. Her fingers brushed against each other wildly as she waited for her moment, and as he approached the vehicle with trepidation she was off. Once again, she was dashing in another direction, his words lost in the moment. Her smirk matching the fire blazing in her eyes.
 Posted: Feb 12 2018, 11:51 AM
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