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 Nautas Locations
 Posted: Aug 24 2017, 08:45 PM
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Nautas District

A commercial district of the city, Nautas is home to the mouth of the Glass River into the Artea Bay just off the Atlantic Ocean. Major locations include the Rocks and the Thoreau Bridge as well as a good number of bars an restaurants located around the shoreline and pier. This area is also home to the Glass River's floating water farms and fisheries.


Warehouse Row - Just about a ten minute walk from the Pier is the more commercial area of Ark City. Once a safe and beautiful hub full of large cargo ships, Warehouse Row has since become a location where criminal organizations great and small, vigilantes, and squatters make their homes. Although unconfirmed by authorities, it is believed that Typics United frequently holds meetings in this location.

Thoreau Bridge - A white stone bridge that spans the Glass River between Nautas and Evendale, the Thoreau Bridge was constructed in the early 20th century to be a pedestrian and biking bridge from the residential to the commercial districts of the city.

Marlo Pier - Stretching almost a mile and a half into the crashing waves of the coast, Marlo Pier is lined with restaurants, clothing, and souvenir shops. It also has a Ferris wheel

The Rocks - On the banks of Glass River, the Rocks functions as a "beachfront" for swimming, fishing, picnicking, and exploring. While lacking in traditional sand-beaches, large flat rocks carved by the river make for great sunbathing. The adjacent river features flat water as well as small rapids.


On the Rocks - Located just beside the Rocks, this bar and pool house hosts weekly karaoke nights, trivia games, and dart-throwing competitions all with the added bonus of being a bit on that side of tipsy.

Lighthouse Cafe - Located in a former lighthouse at the end of Marlo Pier, the Lighthouse Cafe boasts a spiraling ramp, lined with tables and chairs, that extends from the base of the structure to its lantern room. The windows scattered throughout allow visitors a fabulous view of the bay and the city.

Ark Brewing Company: A brewery and restaurant/bar in the center of Marlo Pier, ABC offers a unique dining and drinking experience, as well as a place for customers to gather to watch sporting and cultural-political events on their collection of holos. Try their small batch ales and their fire chicken wings.(Andrew/Bright/Kit Group Effort)
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