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 Levandi, Lenox Allegra, 24 | Evolute | Citizen
Lenox Levandi
 Posted: Jun 2 2018, 11:29 PM
Tier 3
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Lenox has the ability to manipulate alcohol, both on a molecular level and kinetically. This means fancy bar tricks for one thing, but the flipside is that she can increase and decrease blood alcohol levels,and intoxication/sobriety levels in others if they have alcohol in their system. She can cause them to black-out drunk, and likewise ‘wake’ someone up who is in that state with a sobering effect. Suppressant modifies her abilities so that she needs to be touching someone skin to skin in order to effect them.
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Lenox Allegra Levandi
played by Tigz


Age & DOB

November 20, 2142 (24)

Pref. Pronoun


Member Group


Tier Classification

Tier 3




Bartender @ On The Rocks / Escort

Face Claim

Nicole Meyer

Overarching Power

Alcohol Manipulation

Abilities & Limitations

Lenox has the ability to manipulate alcohol, both on a molecular level and kinetically. She can physically summon a bottle of alcohol to her hand, or telekinetically manipulate alcoholic liquids, so fancy bar tricks are second nature to her. She’s the literal embodiment of ‘turning water into wine’ (though not specifically wine unless she has grapes on hand). She can tell how alcoholic a liquid is without needing to taste it. If she’s tasted a particular alcoholic beverage before, she can identify it and recreate it at the appropriate strength - though she can’t create the non-alcoholic content of a cocktail out of nothing, the ingredients need to be available. If it was alcoholic, she can identify what the drink in a recently emptied glass was.

At her strongest she can manipulate the atomic structure of water into very strong Ethanol Alcohol, though the flip side of that is that its very energy-draining, so Lenox carries a small hip flask with her most of the time, with incredibly strong ethanol alcohol that on its own is absolutely not drinkable for most people, which serves as a useful source if there isn’t anything else around to draw on. Likewise, anything that can be chemically changed into alcohol can be manipulated by her, so in the case of foodstuffs that can traditionally be fermented or distilled she can manipulate their alcohol content if she's touching it.

More subtly, Len can increase and decrease Blood Alcohol levels,and intoxication/sobriety levels in others if they have alcohol in their system, though she can't do this for herself (if she's intoxicated only time will help). This also can be used in a manipulative or seductive sense as it can potentially be perceived as her presence being ‘intoxicating’, lead to an affected person having loose lips and being more talkative than they might otherwise be, or otherwise affect their inhibition levels.

She also has an alcohol immunity of sorts - generally she can’t get drunk due to a very high tolerance (though she’s good at pretending to be if necessary). However, suppressant would have the effect of negating that and turning her into a one-drink lightweight during the few days immediately following a dose. Suppressant would also be the difference between her needing to touch someone skin to skin in order to further intoxicate them, or if she’s able to do so (to a limited degree) at a distance.

She can, when touching someone who has any amount of alcohol in their system, cause them to black-out drunk, and likewise ‘wake’ someone up who is in that state with a sobering effect, though sobering people up is never a pleasant experience as instead of simply taking away the drunkenness, it essentially accelerates the body through an instant hangover of the worst kind.


Aside from her power abilities, Len has been tending bar since she was eighteen and she has undertaken sommelier courses, mixology courses and flair courses so she can entertain you while she makes your drinks. Her ability to manipulate alcohol helps of course, since she's less likely to drop or spill, but in general most of her tricks she'd be able to teach to someone who has enough dexterity to cope with them.
Len is very deft and nimble with her hands and is quite able to do fiddly little things well, undoing tiny knots (including behind her back), twirling a pencil, flipping coins, dealing cards, braiding hair, sewing, applying nail polish, any fiddly little every day thing tends to come fairly easily to her.
‣Money savvy
Len hasn't got a lot of money, but she's good at stretching it far. She re-purposes things, and she's a good haggler, and a spendthrift. She has a huge debt hanging over her head, but its inherited, and she's chipping away at it as much as possible.
She is highly adaptable to new circumstances, partly due to the fact that she tends not to give things away about what she's thinking or if she's surprised or alarmed or whatnot so getting the jump on her or surprising her can seem difficult. She is well able to adjust to new circumstances and think clearly in emergencies without panicking.
While she's no expert, Lenox knows enough to be able to defend herself and run away if necessary. She's been kickboxing and taking self-defense classes since she was a young teenager completely for her own protection and peace of mind, though she's no match for a trained martial artist or anyone who is physically stronger than her unless she is able to make use of her alcohol manipulation powers.


‣Cautious and Pessimistic
Len is a serial pessimist which means she isn't always the most fun person to be around unless someone happens to think the same way or find humour in the dark side of things. As a pessimist, at times she is her own worst enemy and despite being a relatively ambitious person and being out for herself, there are many times where she won't take advantage of an opportunity generally because she's quick to discount anything that is high risk and she expects negative outcomes more often than not. It causes some internal struggle with her otherwise ambitious nature, and at times can mean frustrating stagnation in her life because she's simply not willing to risk it all or gamble when its her own life or means on the line.
‣Bad with tech
Yeah computers just aren't her thing. Lenox has had things explained to her over and over but there's just something about them that just doesn't mesh with her. Oh sure she uses some tech where she has to, but if there's a choice in the matter she'll opt out or settle happily with the most basic functionality possible. You'll never find her hacking or programming or using more than just the most basic everyday functions and she's slower than most even with that.
One of her only indulgences is smoking, but it is an inconvenient one given the relative cost, and also the nicotine addiction that absolutely interrupts her day. She gets antsy if she hasn't had a smoke recently, and it can effect her mood and make her irritable and quick to anger. She's more likely to make a snap decision if she's hanging out for a cigarette.
‣not a team player
Unless she benefits, then Lenox isn't someone you can rely on in a team. She isn't altruistic in the slightest and doesn't follow along with the status quo just because its the thing to do. She'll follow instructions or laws where it is more benefit to her to do so than not. She won't cover your shift at work out of the goodness of her heart but she might if she needs the money. She won't hold your place in a queue. She will absolutely tattle on someone else if it will save her skin unless doing so will bring down more problems on herself. She is fairly mercenary in nature.
‣bad in relationships
She has cheated on boyfriends before and likely will again. Its just easier than breaking things off sometimes. Generally expressing herself in relationships isn't easy for her. This is true of familial and platonic relationships too: she's not trying to betray anyone or hurt anyone's feelings but if its the kind of relationship where it isn't completely reciprocal and she isn't benefiting enough from it, she is likely to move on and burn bridges. This can mean that often she lacks people to turn to and lives in a self-fulfilling prophecy of only being able to rely on herself.


You would be forgiven for assuming that Lenox is an introvert, or that she's quiet, but you'd be wrong to assume she's shy. In fact she's best described as ambiverted, mostly because she's fairly reserved and prefers to observe, judge, calculate, and assess before jumping into a situation, but she's also very adaptable and more than willing to have fun and have attention on her if she feels safe and in control of that attention. This is a self-preservation thing, which is generally her MO. She's not someone who would naturally put her life on the line for others, and can generally only be convinced to do something if she'll get something out of it herself. There isn't an altruistic bone in her body, but then she's had a tough go of it and has had to fight for everything she has.

She could be considered callous by some, because she can be dismissive of other people's feelings. This is a self-preservation thing too though, since she knows it can be a trap if you care too much, if you invest yourself too much in someone else's well-being- after all, they don't do the same in return in her experience. This isn't to say she has no friends and doesn't make friends easily - because she does, its just that she has learned to hold a part of herself back. She's guarded though she presents herself as open, and she's clever enough with her words that oftentimes people don't even realise that she's keeping aspects of herself back from them. She finds it difficult to relax and she finds it hard to express her emotions, though this doesn't mean she's emotionless, she just rarely feels safe letting her guard down. Its the fact that she is emotionally vulnerable that leads her to put walls up.

One of her pet hates is her own safety or wellbeing being put at risk due to other people's stupidity. If you've ever watched a movie and yelled at the screen for a character to shut up or had the urge to punch them because they're shouting or screaming or otherwise drawing attention of something dangerous then you'll likely understand where she's coming from. This means she's not the sort of person who gets drawn into the mob mentality, so to speak.

While she could be considered as street smart, it would likely surprise many people to know that she is somewhat book smart too. Lenox gets a lot of pleasure out of reading rare books, though she'll read almost anything she can get her hands on, she has stacks of them in her shoebox and likes to go to the library whenever she has free time. She's always considered tertiary level study but has forgone it in favour of more practical education such as that relating to her bar work.


November 20, 2142 Lenox is born to Rita (carrier) and Marten (typic) Levandi and registered as a carrier upon birth.
December 15, 2143 (age 11 months)
Her brother Tellan Levandi born & registered as a carrier, Her mother Rita dies in childbirth. In his grief, Marten Levandi decides to blame the carrier gene as the reason for Rita's death and grows to resent both of his infant offspring. His brother Otto (typic) and sister-in-law Maarika (T4) take custody of Lenox and Tellan and bring them up alongside their own sons Allar (typic) and Luukas (carrier).
January, 2144 (age 14 months)
Marten Levandi becomes an active Typics United member as an extremist. No longer in contact with his children. As an adult Lenox has seen news with his name in it from this time period.
January 2148 (Age 5)
Lenox meets her other uncle, Valter Levandi for the first time. Its made clear to the children that they aren't supposed to tell anyone when he visits, though Lenox has no idea why. She likes his visits because he always teaches her interesting new things.
March 2150 (Age 7)
Lenox begins to understand that her uncle Valter does things that breaks laws, but that's okay, she doesn't mind, he still teaches her interesting things and sometimes brings her gifts.
September 2152 (Age 10)
Lenox's cousin Luukas, who is two years older than she is, goes to the Carrie Institute. Around this time, Lenox visits her uncle Valter in The Warrens for the first time, and gets to see his place of business where he sells all sorts of interesting things in the Watership Market.
September 2153 (Age 11)
Lenox's cousin Luukas returns from the Carrie Institute for his homecoming. Around this time she first is able to kinetically manipulate alcohol, much to her family's amusement as she can make a can of beer fly into her hand if she wishes, a seemingly useless, if amusing, ability for a child to have.
November 20, 2154(Age 12)
Carrie Institute. Her cousin Allar who is the same age as she is tries to convince them to take him too, despite being a typic. Despite being close, she's not quite as devastated as he is when he is unsuccessful.
November 20, 2155(Age 13)
Homecoming. Lenox returns home to her family's small, cramped home in Jacks, sporting a new T3 ID card.
October 8, 2156(Age 13)
Lenox discovers her father is dead after a violent incident. Lenox isn't sure what she thinks about it all so decides not to think about it in general. Easier that way. She takes up self-defense and kickboxing classes around this time.
November 15, 2156(Age 13)
Shortly before her fourteenth birthday, her uncle tells her that he had been forced to take on her father's debt, Marten apparently died owing a lot of dangerous people a lot of money, which hasn't changed just because Marten is dead. As Marten's oldest child, the debt passes to Lenox. Her uncle promises to continue to help her out as much as he can as long as she is a minor.
June 23, 2158(Age 15)
Around age fifteen she starts working part-time for her uncle Valter Levandi in the Watership Market. Her older cousin Luukas does too, though Lenox simply fetches things and pours drinks, using her suppressed powers as distractions while her uncle is working and doing business. Working here begins to give her some useful skills in regards to watching people, and sidestepping inappropriate advances from men. Though she is generally under her uncle's, or cousin's watchful eye, there are a few times where she has to defend herself and extract herself from unwanted situations over the three years she works here. The money goes almost completely towards her father's debt.
January 3, 2161(Age 18)
Lenox gets her first 'real' job as a bartender at On the Rocks. She also moves out of her family's cramped home and gets an even smaller, crappier shoebox of her own. While working here, she takes every opportunity she can as far as upskilling goes, free courses usually, but some out of her own pocket. She also begins to discover that no matter how much she earns from her steady job, it isn't enough for the debt hanging over her head.
April, 2164(Age 21)
Lenox starts working extra outside of her bartending job as an escort. There's a lot more money in it and despite high interest on the debt it begins going down.
July, 2165(Age 22)
She gets her first regular client, a big political name who is married and in the public eye. Around this time she also is dumped by a boyfriend who is completely horrified to find out about her other line of work. She decides to keep such things completely to herself in the future. Her uncle Valter is the only one of her family members who knows about what she does.
January, 2167(Age 24)
Uncle Otto dies of a heart attack.


OPTIONAL: Lenox is fairly tall at 5'9. She has a few very faint scars from broken glass on her hands from messes at work, but her hands are surprisingly soft. She usually has her nails done nicely or painted, often french tips. As she spends a fair amount of time working out in her downtime, she's quite fit with visible but subtle muscle tone. Probably she could stand to gain a few pounds.

She makes and alters a lot of her own clothing. She's a thrifty shopper but she has a few nice items thanks to clients wanting her to dress up, but she is more classic than flashy. Generally speaking she wears a lot of black and denim, cotton and leather, and isn't one to dress trendy. She's usually in heels or heeled boots unless she's running or working out.
What did you get as a birthday present for your boss with whom you have a Thing™ that isn’t even really anything more than anticipation and a hint of a promise? A Thing™ that somehow simultaneously and frustratingly feels like it might be a whole lot more substantial than it is? A Thing™ that makes you feel foolish, and smug, and driven to distraction all at once?

What did you get for that person when they were obsessing over your age difference and it might not be wise to even acknowledge that the arbitrary number he had set as the benchmark for unacceptability had just got higher, even though the exact same amount of days remained between your birthdays as it did before the actual day where the number changed?

Cenlie’s head was cluttered and none of her thoughts made sense. There was no logic in any of it and she couldn't straighten it out. The chatter of her mum and her sister Leomie wasn’t helping so she got up from the couch and headed into the kitchen, not even pausing as she called over her shoulder,

“I’m going to take some food to dad.” Just in case they ca-- oh. Didn’t care.Too busy gossiping about family members. Was Rose pregnant again? When was Cousin Donny getting out of prison? Did Aunt Andra know her carrot cake tasted terrible? And wasn’t Tamra just packing on the poooooounds lately?

Who cared? Cenlie got some lasagna from the fridge and lost herself in more cyclical thoughts while she heated it up in the microwave, then grabbed a couple of beers, glancing toward her mother to see if she noticed. Not that her mum drank beer, but she thought it was a bad idea if Jonah did. Cenlie thought otherwise, since he was dying and all, he should be able to eat and drink whatever he fucking wanted. She also thought a woman who polished off a bottle of wine every day and knocked over as much whiskey as she could physically stomach on the weekends didn’t have much right to dictate if her husband got to drink a cold beer or not.

Lasagna on a tray, she also shook a couple of cookies out of a packet, grabbed a fork, and then she was set, slipping off to her dad’s room. Which was actually both of her parents room, but some nights her mother passed out elsewhere. Most nights. Many nights. And her dad was in here a lot, so it was his room in Cenlie’s eyes. He had deathbed rights. Which was the excuse she'd heard him use in regards to being a blanket hog.

She knocked with her foot. Three dull thumps. And then she fell silent, listening for her father’s gruff voice. If he was awake, he’d invite her in, and if he was asleep she’d just have to kick the door a few more times.
 Posted: Jun 2 2018, 11:30 PM
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 Posted: Jun 4 2018, 07:23 PM
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