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 Evolute Lore
 Posted: Aug 16 2017, 07:01 PM
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Quick Lore

Note: This page is specifically geared towards Evolute laws and history. Visit this page for creation and power guides.


+ Evolute powers are caused by a genetic mutation.
+ Powers are inherent and not dependant on any outside factors (i.e., magic wands, etc.).
+ With the exception of shapeshifters, this gene has no effect on appearance
+ Powers are fully developed between the ages of 10 and 12.

Testing + Tiers

+ All children born in Ark undergo a DNA test at birth. This test is infallible.
+ At age 12, registered carriers undergo a mandatory year-long testing period at the Carrie Institute to determine their Tier Classification (T1 being the highest, T5 the lowest.)
+ Those who have the gene but present no powers are classified as carriers.
+ Children T3 and below are allowed to return home (usually accompanied by a celebration known simply as ‘Homecoming’).
+ T1 and T2 children remain in Institute custody until the age of 18 to make sure they learn to control their powers.
+ T1 and T2 citizens are generally required to work for the DEA in some capacity.


+ Suppressant is not designed to deny the Evolute their powers, but to ensure the safety of those around them. Evos can still use their powers--the Suppressant just weakness them.
+ Tiers 3 and above are required to take Suppressant. Dosage is determined on a case by case basis.
+ Suppressant is administered monthly by the DEA via an injection to the back of the neck.
+ For Typics Suppressant is a powerful (and very much illegal) recreational drug.
+In very rare cases, Suppressant overdoses can result in Typics developing powers.
 Posted: Aug 16 2017, 08:07 PM
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Evolute Tiers


No one knows what triggered this sudden shift in humanity’s development. The first Evos simply began to appear around 2030 and have been objects of fear and/or worship ever since. Talk about mixed signals.

Testing & Registration

All children born in Ark undergo a more or less infallible DNA test at birth. If they test positive for the Evo gene, they are registered. Being a carrier of the gene does not necessarily mean that the child will present powers. Nonetheless, all Evo-gene carriers are required to undergo a mandatory testing period at the Carrie Institute in order to determine their Tier Classification.

Testing is mandatory for all registered citizens of the Ark at age 12, though some parents will voluntarily have their children tested earlier in the hopes of getting them assigned a lower level. Early testing may also be ordered by the government if a child displays significant powers early on. The testing period lasts at least a year, and involves numerous trials of physical and mental skill tailored to each child. While every effort is made to guarantee the child’s safety, these tests can be dangerous and accidents do happen. Some children never go home at all. Once the testing period is complete, the child’s fate ultimately depends on their classification. Evos on every Tier are required to carry identification cards that list their names, powers, and tier classification.

The Civil Liberties Applied Protection Act

Proposed for the first time in 2042, the Civil Liberties Applied Protection Act (CLAP) focuses on the right of every citizen of the United States of America to those certain inalienable rights promised by the founding fathers. The bill proposed that these innate civil liberties were being threatened for both Evolutes and Typics due to the growing number of Evolutes of extreme power levels and that the only way to make sure that all people’s civil liberties were protected was to understand that power.

The bill was rejected by the House of Representatives in 2043. It was rewritten but rejected by the Senate in August of 2044, after which it was briefly tabled.

In December of 2044, there was an event simply known as the Gail Maria Incident during which a seemingly average evolute girl of fourteen made twenty-eight individuals walk off straight off the Brooklyn Bridge and into the icy water below. Fourteen seemingly random individuals, including three Evolutes, lost their lives in the event. Maria publicly apologized and explained that she had never meant for it to happen. The Incident was a child’s mistake, but the damage was done.

Frightened for their families, Evolutes and Typics alike began to back CLAP. They wanted the promise of safety it provided to the people they loved. Within weeks the bill was again redrafted and brought back to the floor.

QUOTE (The Civil Liberties Applied Protection Act)

Under the Civil Liberties Applied Protection Act, all citizens are guaranteed certain inalieable rights:

Freedom from Violence
Ranks an Evo’s Capacity for Destruction/Harm of Others/Things

Right of Self-Defense
Ranks an Evo’s Capacity to resist Necessary Force

Freedom of Bodily Integrity
Ranks an Evo’s Capacity for forcing others to do something they would not do

Freedom of the Mind
Ranks an Evo’s Capacity for forcing others to think something they would not think.

Freedom of Privacy
Ranks an Evo’s Capacity for invading other’s privacy

Right to Equal Protection
Ranks an Evo’s general tactical value and potential threat level to/against others

CLAP passed in the House of Representatives early in 2045 and the Senate by mid-summer. The tier classification system was installed, and with it the requirement of identification cards for Evolutes, mandatory DNA testing of all children at birth, and the beginning of experimentation for a “cure.” Read more about the Suppressant.

Evolute Tier Levels

Evolutes are classified not on what they would do, but on what they could do. The personality of a character is irrelevant to tier. The cruelest character who uses their power to harm could be a lower tier than one who strictly uses their power for good. (i.e. Aang (Avatar: TLA) = T1. He has the capacity not only to destroy but also be impervious to others trying to stop him. It doesn't matter that he doesn't or wouldn't.)


Often considered the best possible outcome of Institute testing. As the name implies, Carriers have the Evo gene but present no powers. They are registered and may face the occasional bit of discrimination, but for the most part they are treated like Typics. They may still be regarded with suspicion, however, as on very rare occasions, extreme mental and/or physical duress has been known to awaken the Evo gene in Carriers.

Tier Five:
Evo presents low-level powers with minimal tactical benefits. Users may not even be able to consciously utilize their abilities. There is little threat to be had here and next to no offensive capability, but T5s may still get some use out of their powers. They are not required to take Suppressant.

Tier Four:
Evo presents low-risk powers with small-scale tactical benefits. Users may have some degree of control over their abilities. They are not required to take Suppressant.

Tier Three:
Evo presents medium-strength powers with significant tactical benefits and displays substantial control over those abilities. T3s may choose between working for the government or government affiliated agency, taking the monthly dose of Suppressant, or going to prison.

Tier Two:
Evo presents abilities of serious tactical value that can be used at will. T2s are closely monitored throughout their lives and may be subject to mandatory government employment if they do not voluntarily choose it. They are required to take the monthly dose of Suppressant or go to prison.

Tier One:
T1s are quite few and far between. Their abilities are incredibly powerful and can be used at will. Despite being the most powerful Evos, they definitely drew the short straw on civil rights. A person classified as T1 essentially has two options: work for the DEA or go to prison. Most work for the DEA, as this is the only option that allows them any sort of freedom. Even those who do still are required to take doses of Suppressant to put a damper on their abilities.

Tier Zero:
There has only been one documented Tier Zero and that was Malachi himself. As a Tier Zero, Malachi is the only known Evo to have exhibited more than one power, and pretty daunting power at that. This Tier is not currently available for player characters.

 Posted: Dec 1 2017, 09:38 PM
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Supreme Court Cases

Probable Cause and Evolute Abilities

Due to Fillmore v. San Diego Police Department (2041), an Evolute's abilities alone are not probable cause for being detained or arrested.

The discriminatory lawsuit gained traction in late 2040 when Isaac Fillmore was forced to resign his position as a neurosurgeon at Scripps Mercy Hospital and had his medical licence indefinitely suspended in May of the same year based his growing number of arrests and pending charges over the prior six months.

Fillmore claimed that the arrests were superfluous and were merely because of his status as a Evolute and his ability to manipulate fire. He cited sixteen unconnected fires throughout the urban area which he had been accused of starting. The SDPD countered that in all of the instances, their detectives had found no evidence of an ignition source or fuel and therefore they had brought in all of the fire manipulators in the area in an attempt to find their culprit.

Although Fillmore lost his case in both local and state levels, it was appealed up to the Supreme Court. The actions were found to discriminatory and were declared unconstitutional.

QUOTE (New York Times @ July 29, 2041)
In a 5-4 ruling today, Justice Winston Sussex wrote the majority statement making it illegal to arrest an Evolute based purely on powers without other evidence.

"No man or woman is innately evil by his very birthright. A man with a gun does not necessarily shoot his neighbor. It is unconstitutional to assume a man with God-given fantastic abilities innate to his very genetics is any more certainly a criminal than any other man."
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