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 Site Canons, Adopt a Character
 Posted: Aug 22 2017, 05:26 PM
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Adoptable Canons

In accordance with rules, site canons must have 4 posts to be saved during an Activity Check. Please note that all of the information below is negotiable with the admins. If you have an idea for a character that doesn’t exactly match the description, feel free to discuss this with us.

If you would like to play one of the characters below, please reserve them below. The reserved status on a character is seven days and they can be re-reserved once. You may edit your post to re-reserve your canon as the date/time of the original posting will be used to track its status.

City Councilors

Name: Ayo Malik
Age: 40-60
District: Evendale
FC Suggestions: Oded Fehr, Ghassan Massoud
Required: T4 or T5 Evolute
The first Evo ever to sit on Ark’s city council, Ayo’s election was a surprise even to himself. Despite being a low-level Evo with a largely useless power, he nonetheless faces quite a bit of discrimination. He is, however, a dedicated man who will do whatever he can to help his city and keep the peace between Evos and Typics.

Name: Kevin Lau
Age: 40-60
District: Spire
FC Suggestions: Donnie Yen, Benedict Wong
Required: Typic
This character is ambitious and opinionated. He has been on the counsel for the most consecutive terms ever in the history of Ark City. He is primarily conservative in his views on Evolutes and believes they are where they should be.

Name: Rebecca Ramsey
Age: 40-60
District: Haven
FC Suggestions: Robin Wright, Lena Headey
Required: Typic
This character is considered to be the strongest voice in the council, but also the most controversial due to some of her recent anti-evolute statements.

Name: Wendy Tanner
Age: 40-60
District: Nautas
FC Suggestions: Michelle Yeoh, Ming Na Wen
Required: Typic
Often considered a bit of a bear in personality, this character was once part of the police force before becoming a council member. Because of her collaboration with high-powered evolutes, she is often an advocate.

Name: Clarissa Jefferson
Age: 30-50
District: Jacks
FC Suggestions: Viola Davis, Gina Torres
Required: Typic
The youngest member of the council, Clarissa is known for speaking her mind--particularly to reporters--and makes frequent media appearances. This character is often considered a swing vote on the council.

Governmental Canons

Name: Margot Holzer
Age: 50-60
Job: Commissioner, Ark Police Department
FC Suggestions: Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Laura Dern
Required: Typic
A stalwart defender of the peace, Margot rose quickly through the ranks of the APD. . She’s very focused on keeping the city safe and will go to any length to make sure that crime is kept to a minimum.

Name: Dario Nahuel
Age: 35-60
Job: Chief Secretary, Department of Evolute Affairs
FC Suggestions: Javier Bardem, Oscar Isaac
Required: Typic
A chessmaster of sorts, Dario plans out his life in the ways to keep himself on top. While not innately cruel, Dario is in charge of keeping Evolutes in their place and making the world safe for Typics. He believes wholeheartedly that his work is right.

Name: Marion Arnett
Age: 45-75
Job: Head Researcher, Carrie Institute
FC Suggestions: Julianne Moore, Jeff Bridges
Required: Typic
A brilliant scientist, Marion’s focus is on research and only research. The people who may or may not be affected in the pursuit of knowledge are just side effects. Marion wants to understand the evolute gene in its entirety and give the world the option for an Evolute-free existence -- or perhaps a Typic-free existence, who really knows?

Social Canons

Name: Rajesh Patel
Age: 35-80
Job: Executive Director, Evolute Civil Liberties Union
FC Suggestions: Diego Luna, Arjun Rampal
Required: Evolute
Although driven by the best of intentions, Rajesh is not an imposing or convincing figure. He tries his hardest and now-and-again he’ll get a law through or a bill started, but for the most part trying is pretty much the extent of his capabilities.

Name: Julia Winslow
Age: 25-40
Job: Atlas, Evo Liberation League
FC Suggestions: Liu Wen, Anjali Lama
Required: Evolute
For whatever reason, Julia became in extremist fairly early in life and started ELL to get her people the rights she believes they deserve.Julia gets things done, and if a few Typics get hurt or killed? Such is life.

Name: Kenner Lawson (Wanted)
Age: 35-50
Job: Artemis, Typics United
FC Suggestions: Isaiah Mustafa, Daniel Craig
Required: Typic
The heir to Lawson Shipping Company, Kenner owns properties all along Glass River. He's a wealthy man with a lot of reasons to hate, and he doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty. A dangerous combination of intelligence, ruthlessness, and patience, Kenner is a chessmaster who always keeps his eye on the endgame.

Religious Canons

Shepherd Elena Rhee
Age: 30-70
Job: Shepherd, Malachites
FC Suggestions: Jin Kyung, Song Yoon Ah
A Shepherd by profession and personality, Elena brings in those who are lost and teaches them the way of Malachi. She is kind and passionate, though some might say a bit fanatical. She is but a Shepherd and prays the Lord might guide her flock to Glory.

Criminal Canons

Name: Peter Gomorrah
Age: 40-80
Job: Godfather, Gomorrah Cartel
FC Suggestions: Gideon Levy, Sasha Roiz
First and foremost, Peter is a family man. Everything is done is for his family and everything that people do for him is to keep his family safe. It’s as simple as that. Peter is a mastermind, a smooth talker, and as dangerous as they come.

Name: Melissa Washington
Age: 30-75
Job: Monarch, Entente
FC Suggestions: Sela Ward, Famke Janssen
Melissa is a woman of power and prestige. She isn’t the type to take ‘no’ for an answer if she’d like a ‘yes’ or vice versa. She can be as motherly as she is venomous. This character is rumored to kill those close to her to keep herself from having weaknesses.


[b]OOC Account:[/b]
[b]Reserved Canon's Job:[/b] (If a counselor, please include district)
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