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 Evendale Locations
 Posted: Aug 27 2017, 09:06 AM
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Evendale District

The middle class and business district of Ark City, Evendale is very much a melting pot. Due to the diversity of its population, its streets contain a wide variety of businesses, eating establishments, and even architecture styles. This district is home to Arbor Street, the Omni-Stadium, the Zoo, and the Casino.


Spiros' Omni-Stadium - Often considered a masterpiece of the architect Jannes Spiros (second only to the Gemini Spires,) the Omni-stadium, generally referred to as "The Omni", is a revolutionary sporting complex. Designed to reshape its field and seating arrangements, the Omni-Stadium is capable of housing any professional sporting event. From dog racing and football to ice hockey and sandboarding, all sports fans can attend at variable pricing depending on seating.

Ark City Zoological Park - Nestled amid the bustling streets of the Evendale district lies a peaceful oasis. The Evendale Zoological Park boasts a number of animals, native and exotic, kept in large enclosures. The neatly-kept walking paths make for a perfect afternoon stroll.

Arbor Street - Lined with dozens of eateries and shops, Arbor street is an upscale section of Evendale which draws many people during the lunch and dinner rush. At night year round, the street is lighted a soft blue exclusively by lanterns hung from the dozens of trees that line the walkway and give it its name.

ECLU Offices: Based in Evendale, the ECLU HQ are made up of a collections of humble offices, cubicles, meeting rooms, and research centers. Don't be quick to judge a book by it's cover, however; what it lacks in pomp, it makes up for in the dedication of its staff.


Diamond Jubilee Bistro - Often referred to simply as "DJ," this bistro is home to the best coffee, pastries, and lunch sandwiches in town. In fact, they can boast the widest variety of vegan and vegetarian options in the city. Every Friday evening they host up-and-coming bands for a small cover charge.

Down Home - A beautiful restaurant located along Arbor Street, Down Home specializes in barbecue and traditional southern comfort foods. They're most famous for their fried green tomatoes, Cajun chicken, and complimentary plaid bibs.

Felicity's Grace Casino -- A six story Casino which single-highhandedly takes up a city block, Felicity's Grace contains almost every card, slot, or other game a gambler's heart could desire resides somewhere on these six stories if you know where to look. The fourth and fifth floors are reserved for high rollers and require formal attire. The seventh, eighth, and ninth floors are reserved for an arcade, theater, and night club respectively.

False Dawn - A nightclub located on the top floor of Felicity's Grace Casino, False Dawn is open from 9 pm until 4 am every evening. Exclusively for 21+ patrons, this club tends to cater to Ark's wealthier residents. It's dress code for this nightclub is fashionable attire without tears or holes, and there is a fairly steep cover charge to gain entry.

Jungle Jamboree: A jungle-themed cross between Chuck-E-Cheese and an activity center that uses holograms instead of animatronics. They boast everything from skee-ball to laser tag to a rock climbing wall to ball pits and playground equipment and rides. The perfect place to take children for an afternoon or to host a birthday party.(Submitted by BRIGHT)

Muse Song - The eighth floor of Felicity's Grace houses quite a few theaters, the most impressive and prestigious of which is Muse Song. This theater can hold up to 1,000 show-goers. It is decorated in a late Victorian style.

Thistle Do Nicely (Flower Shop): Located in one of the more elegant buildings lining Arbor Street, Thistle Do Nicely is a flower shop marked by an open store front lined with both common and exotic flowers and a warm greenhouse-like interior. With wide glass windows, brass metalwork framing and a stylish awning, Thistle Do Nicely is the one-stop shop for flower arrangements and gifts perfect for every occasion. (Submitted by Niimh)

Nocturnal (Night Club): Nocturnal, or Noc as it is known by it's customers is a high end nightclub in Evendale on the edge of Haven. The main floor of the club is open with several wood panel booths and tables that can be reserved for groups that would like special bottle service. A giant main bar is located at the back of the room. Off to the right is an area that can be set up for a DJ and often there is an elegant grand piano located dead center between the tables. Two curved wrought iron stair cases lead to a second level that has it's own bar spanning the length of the back wall. The ceiling is open and industrial with exposed pipes covered by strands of Edison lights. Additional speakers and lights are hidden in the shadows of the ceiling that allow for color play and spotlight if needed (Submitted by Kit)

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