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 Haven Locations
 Posted: Aug 27 2017, 09:21 AM
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Haven District

Located farther away from the hustle and bustle of downtown, Haven has a much more relaxed atmosphere. With many beautiful upscale locations, it’s a nice enough place to visit, but only the very wealthiest of citizens can actually afford to live here.


Temple of Malachi - Although Malachi disappeared without a trace after creating the Dome, worshipers of Malachi have built a shrine in the location where last the Promised One's feet touched ground. This sacred place is frequented daily by believers who leave gifts.

Crystal Gardens - A botanical sanctuary encased in a beautiful glass biodome, the Crystal Gardens are home to hundreds of types of flowers, grasses, and trees. A mixture of natural gardens and greenhouses, the two most treasured areas are the Japanese Zen Garden and the Western Cactus Garden.

Eden Shopping Center - This enormous multi-level mall contains everything a citizen of Haven could possibly need, from restaurants and groceries to luxury jewelry and clothing. Built only a few years ago, the Eden Shopping Center has a relatively relaxed view on Evolute rights and allows every shop to choose for itself whether or not to serve Evolutes.

Remington Cemetery - The largest cemetery in Ark City, Remington includes many family plots for the rich and poor alike. The headstones vary in size and shape, but one thing is consistent: the groundskeeper keeps every headstone free of moss and tended with flowers.

The Athenaeum - Originally built as a minor museum, the Athenaeum now houses the history of a world that has been all but forgotten. It is a celebration of human stories, from the building of the pyramids to the moon landing. It contains artwork and relics from places far beyond the Dome that no one alive in Ark has ever seen. If the Athenaeum wasn’t around to keep such things alive, they might very well be forgotten entirely.

Nocht University - Home of the Leviathans, Nocht is a private university located just on the edge of Haven near Evendale. It is the most prestigious university in the city reserved for students at the very peak of skill, intelligence, and ambition.


Shangri-La - Located in a converted hotel with a look of an old-fashioned manor estate, Shangri-La advertises itself as one-part spa, one part-therapy center, one-part romantic getaway (singles and couples), and one-part fantasy island. Clients can stay for a few hours up to a month (in certain circumstances), where they can mingle with staff and other clients, temporarily become someone else, eat well, relax, and/or work on some baggage. Fantasies become temporary reality. Discretion and consent are the words to live by. (Submitted by Bright)

La-Tea-Dah - An old-fashioned tea room operated out of a Victorian-style house. La-Tea-Dah offers complete High Tea service, as well as sandwiches, pastries, and over 60 different tea flavors. They cater and are available to rent for parties. Their secret menu contains coffee for the philistines. (Submitted by Bright)
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