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 Rules, Must Read!
 Posted: Aug 14 2017, 01:57 PM
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sometimes I can stand on one foot for over a minute like a stork. It's really majestic shit. fo rizzle.
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This site is rated 3-3-3. Because of this, we require all players to be 18+.

Respect is the key word of roleplay. All races, sexual orientations, gender identities, etc. are welcome on Ark City, both in and out of character. Please be sure to be respectful of all other people's life choices, beliefs, etc.

OOC accounts are required on Ark City. Please make sure to register an OOC account HERE before creating a character. Please write it in proper caps with no numbers or symbols.

Register character accounts in proper capitalization with the character's preferred name. (i.e.: "Teddy Roosevelt" not Theodore Roosevelt)

Face Claims are highly recommended, but not required. If you choose to use an image to represent your character's appearance without the use of a face claim, please be sure that it is a realistic illustration/portrait to maintain consistency with the overall tone of the site. (Face Claim Thread)

No plagiarism is tolerated on Ark City. We take this extremely seriously. Suspected plagiarism will earn you a warning. Blatant plagiarism will result in a ban from the site.

No spamming or trolling is allowed in the forum or in the cbox. Spamming is any unsolicited advertising/self-promotion or anything of a frustratingly repetitive nature.

Activity Checks will occur every month on the 1st. You will have 7 days to post in the Activity Check to keep your character. Any standard character must have a minimum of 1 posts to be saved during an Activity Check. Site canons as well as any character holding a position of power must have 4 posts to be saved during an Activity Check. If a character is not saved, they will be archived. OOC accounts will be archived after 3 months of no activity. No accounts will be deleted. If you would like an OOC or character account reactivated, please contact a member of staff. **Inactive adoptables who are using "canon" names will have their name slightly altered to allow an active player to adopt that character. i.e.: Marissa Washington -> Marissa_Washington)

ICC posting on the discord server DOES NOT count towards your activity check in any way. Please make sure to use the ICC responsibly.


This is an intermediate and above writing level site. This implies that your grasp of characterization, plot, grammar, and roleplaying are developed. There is no problem with a typo now or again, or a turn of phrase once or twice that doesn't make sense. It merely means that the staff and other players will be expecting that you know your way around writing and roleplaying before joining.

All thread must be dated with the day month year (03 NOV 2167) that the event occurred in character. You may include a time of day if you so desire. Please put this information in the topic description. While you may have threads that occur in the past, no threads may exist past the current site season.

In character v. out of character is a very important differentiation. Characters of all kinds are welcome to join. This includes every world view and personality -- peace and war, love and hate, acceptance and bigotry. Characters may be disrespectful to other characters. This should never carry out of character.

BBCode templates are required for all in character posts. We have multiple BBCode templates (with some snazzy customization options) to use, located here. Posting templates are likewise strongly recommended for OOC posting, however you are not required to use the provided templates for OOC posting. DoHTML has been enabled for the Plotting and Development Forums.

No word count is required per in character post on this site. However, please keep in mind that your word count should be appropriate for both you and your partner's style, and make sure to always give your partner something to reply to.

For the sake of cohesion throughout threads, all posts should be written in third person, past tense.
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