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 Site Update | Summer 2167
 Posted: May 31 2018, 05:48 AM
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Update | Summer 2167

Summer is now in session! The new season (June-August 2167) is now open for creating threads. Threads may still take place in the past, including previous events, however no thread may be dated on or after 1 September 2167.

Summertime in Ark is every bit as hot and humid as you’d expect of a city in a generally undisclosed southern-ish location to be. Temperatures average anywhere from 80°-90° degrees Fahrenheit. While previous seasonal locations have closed, Arkians will note that the waterfront will now be much more active, with activities such as surfing, swimming, and boating. The farmlands on the city outskirts will soon be lush with fresh crops. And, of course, tensions and tempers will run high as election day draws ever closer.



Following the aftermath and consequences of the rogue Evolute known only as the “Djinn,” a law is proposed and is set to be brought before the city council for a vote. Griffin’s Law would make it easier for APD and DEA agents to search Evolute homes and businesses without a warrant if a fugitive is suspected to dwell within. Obviously this new measure will be hotly debated, and June will see the lion’s share of arguments, petitions, and protests from both sides (and the fact that it’s an election year certainly doesn’t help.) The results of the vote will be counted and announced on July 15.

Please note: threads for this event should be dated June 1-July 15. The results of the vote as well as an OOC update will be released on that date.



+ First off, we would like to welcome the lovely Bright to the Ark City team as our very first Moderator!

+ Thanks to some great feedback from you guys, we’ve given our Lore section a little nip and tuck. New updates include more information on Factions, Evolute Lore, and Tech section. Check it out!

+ Missions - in an effort to get more characters more involved in ongoing plots, we’re added a fun little “missions” element, introducing tasks that characters/groups may sign up to complete. Learn more on the event page.

+ Looking for character ideas? Ever had an idea for an awesome character you’d love to see, but don’t necessarily have the bandwidth to play yourself? Check out our new Character Concepts feature!

+ A quick update on Site Canons: these canons may now be adopted without a previous character requirement; however the increased post count requirement for activity checks will remain the same.

+ We would also like to remind players of the Newsreel. Got something in-character newsworthy to share? Let us know! And if we see something happening that might have a larger impact on Ark, we might just shoot you a PM to ask your permission to add it.

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